Investigating the camber issues

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

With reports of uneven tyre wear to the offside front we were asked to investigate to see whether we could establish and rectify the issue. The camber had already been adjusted and it had been looked at by a number of other garages who were unsuccessful in diagnosing the problems.

Our Tommy has been trained in this kind of issue so he was quick to jump on to see whether he was able to find the problem.

With all of the adjustments reset he already had a good idea of what it may be. Whilst underneath he saw a bush that was not looking as healthy as it should but he needed to investigate further before making any decision.

After the adjustments had been made John took her on a test drive to see what movement, if any, would occur.

As expected, the bushes that Tommy found previously had not operated as they should and the adjustments that had been made previously were already way out. So it was time to remove the affected parts.

After a new set (both sides) of suspension arm bushes had been fitted the issue looked to be resolved.

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