Inside Bentley: A Great British Motor Car

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Last week we attended the Annual Christmas Classic Auction held at Sandown by Barons Classic Car Auctioneers. Also in attendance were the production crew from Channel 4’s new documentary Inside Bentley: A Great British Motor Car.

We were thrilled to hear that they were there to film our 1949 Bentley Special Mk VI and were keen to talk to us about the car.

Inside Bentley: A Great British Motor Car aired on Channel 4 on the 17th December 2017, it offered an insight into the British car manufacturer. The company opened its doors to the cameras, providing exclusive access to the creation of one of the company’s newest models, the Bentayga.

The program looked at the Crewe-based historical factory, its workforce and the craftman-ship that goes into making a luxury car.

“Even if we could never afford one, many of us have a fascination with what goes into the design and manufacture of a luxury car,”  said editor Ian Dunkley, in a statement. “This documentary lifts the bonnet on an iconic British brand whose assembly line remains proudly located in the North West of England.”

Here are some screenshots from the episode featuring the car itself and Gordon appeared too! (He’s now just waiting for the call from Strictly Come Dancing or Celebrity Big Brother)

…even Craig and Jack appeared in the background too!

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