Inch Perfect – Handmaking Rear Sills on the 1986 Daimler DS420

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The 1986 Daimler DS420, which is currently in the Bridge Classic Cars fabrication shop, has had its rear sills and parts of the floors made from scratch.

The bottom of the classic Daimler has areas of heavy corrosion which must be addressed and repaired by the team. For this, our fabricator Monty has made up and hand-shaped these pieces specifically for the car. With carefully bending and working the material to get into shape while also adding the beading to give the metal strength when welded into the body.

Each piece was spot welded into the car to avoid warping which can cause the subsequent pieces to fit incorrectly into the car.

The team will continue to get the classic DS420 back into new metal in the areas needed.

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