Hilux Hiatus Brings Back Bigger Issues

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our dashing blue Toyota Hilux has come back in for its restoration to begin. After some discussions with the owners, we’re delighted to have this practical classic in the workshop as we endeavour to restore it to its hard-working glory.

This Toyota had previously been worked on by the owners themselves however we’ve found some errors in the restoration so far, which we’re working to correct to make sure the rest of the restoration moves forward positively. Unfortunately undoing these mistakes has doubled the expected project length however we understand that mistakes are easily made and we’re more than happy to work with people so that they get the best restoration result through combined efforts.

James has been working on the door panels which he’s removed to strip down and fabricate replacement elements. After repairing the rust, James was able to correct the dents and refit the skin to the door. This process will then be repeated on the other side. The wings that had been previously fit were misshapen and ill-fitting.

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