Handling the Pressure – Oil Pressure Gauge and Wiring Issue with the 1973 MGB GT V8

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Progress is continuing on the 1973 MGB GT V8 that is currently in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. Our technicians have been going through to check all the systems required for its testing and found a couple of issues.

Paul has been looking into an issue with the oil pressure gauge and some peculiar issues with the wiring. Look into the gauge to begin with, Paul has cleaned out and rewired the pressure sender which he believes has sorted the problem but it will be reevaluated during the cars tests.

The wiring was some issues down to the routing of certain wires through the engine bay which was causing the car to blow fuses during the cars fire up. Paul went through each of the wires in the engine bay and behind the dash in order to trace back any problems to get them fixed. After this and a couple of repairs to the wiring, Paul is moving forward with his checks on this amazing 1973 MGB GT V8.

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