Handed Down – 1959 MGA Twin Cam

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

There are certain things that get handed down through the generations. Something sentimental that have a certain connection to a person or place. This is true with his fabulous 1959 MGA Twin Cam that we currently have at Bridge Classic Cars for storage.

We are looking after the car for a customer at our Bentwaters storage facility for a while. This car was originally owned by the customer’s father who at one time was the manager of the Chevron racing team. A nice connection between Bridge Classic Cars and Chevron was the recent 1972 Chevron B20 Formula 2 car we auctioned on Collecting Cars.

This beautiful pale blue Twin Cam car has been rebuilt and restored from the ground up. It also appears to have had somewhat of competition history, with several newspaper cuttings from club races. The current owner has sent over some wonderful images of the recommission that was undertaken on the car to show the extent of what has been completed on the car.

Here they are in the gallery below:

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