Goodwood Members Meeting 2021 – Day Two (Part 1)

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Much like the day before, the team at Bridge Classic Cars arrived early at Goodwood.

The sun had barely crested the horizon by the time the stand was open. The sun managed to break over one side of the circuit to illuminate the far paddocks. The pre-war cars took full advantage of the bright, amber glow of an autumn morning.

But, there was much more of a spectacle happening right in front of our stand. The off-road wonders were being prepared for the final sessions of the Super Stages that morning. These dirt based heroes of yesteryear prepared to go head to head against the clock one last time. Some though would end up paying a price in the pursuit of victory.

Lurking just at the top of the hill through the main tunnel at Goodwood, lay a group of beasts that only the mention of their name is enough to inspire fear to anyone wanting to challenge them and awe in the hearts of those who follow them.

The legend that is the Ford GT40. Known the world over for their dominance in period as endurance racers, Goodwood is probably their 2nd most famous home as here, they truly do own the circuit. This years Members Meeting saw 2 handfuls of these low, sleek and elegant heavy-hitters pound the tarmac in search of prey during the Gurney Cup.

To see one of these icons is a speechless moment but to see several being worked on and dismantled in various stages was more than any true petrolhead could have wished for. Every component perfectly on display for the world to see. Then, it was time for them to all hit the track and find out, who truly was in charge.

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