Free Goodwood Competition Celebrates A Year Of Bridge Classic Car Competitions

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We’ve been giving people the chance to win their dream classic cars for just a few pounds through their competitions since May 2020 and now, 12 months on, we’re running a free competition to win tickets to Goodwood as a thank you to all our supporters.

Our Goodwood competition gives you the chance to win 4 Goodwood Tickets plus £500 of spending money. The winners will get to experience one of the best motoring festivals in the world. The Bridge team will also be there representing the company, so keep an eye out and say hello!

Last year as Coronavirus threatened the UK, we had to get inventive with how to adapt and change as our team of specialist classic car engineers were furloughed. We came up with the perfect idea for keeping the business running and the country’s idle minds entertained: Competitions!

This idea came about after one of our engineers, Mauro, won his dream car from another UK car competition site. Weeks after entering, a shiny new 2005 Mitsubishi Evo appeared at Mauro’s house. After much research and preparation, the team ran their first competition car, a white 1964 MGB Roadster.

These competitions were not easy to start. We were met with numerous accusations of being a scam, and with no previous winners to prove their legitimacy, we tackled it in the same way we run their business, with transparent honesty and a human touch. Being just Freddie and Craig behind the competitions at the time, all questions, queries, and sceptics were handled directly by them.

As the weeks went by, the competitions became increasingly more popular and began taking off to wider audiences. With momentum building and a fan base growing, several cars were introduced at a time. Our humble team of 3, including Charlotte, who is still our fantastic live-draw presenter and friendly face to the competitions, winners, tickets, and cars came flooding in.

Now almost a year later, the competitions have produced 33 lucky winners, lead to a growing team, the addition of Ellie, and an even larger following, we have become well known for our uplifting competitions that supply the nation with the chance to win their dream car. With morale low, the live draws and good odds have become a welcome company for those struggling to find the fun in lockdown life.

The regular Live Draws have become friendly company for the competition regulars who tune in to watch and interact with Charlotte and the team at the company’s hanger at RAF Bentwaters. A walk round and friendly chat pre-empts the announcement of the winner, which is always met with overwhelming support from gracious losers. The competition has not only provided entertainment through a long and difficult year, but also created a community for those who love and enjoy classics to discuss and chat.

For the majority of those who enter, winning a classic car could be life-changing and the cars given away can be worth in excess of £30,000. So far, we have given away £850,562.50 worth of classic and modern classic motors.

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