Franics Barnett Tank Badge Template

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The new badges are currently being re-manufactured by the guys at Pamela David Enamels. The initial template has now been drawn up to replicate the existing design.

We have now approved the designs and the manufacturing process can now begin.

Pamela David Enamels: “Established in 1971 our family-run business has been the only one to specialise in the complete restoration and manufacture of one-off glass enamelled badges to original specifications using traditional glass enamels. Over our many years of unique experience we have developed working techniques which enable us to carry out every step of the involved process in-house. With satisfied clients all around the world our records show that three people from two generations of the family have restored over 15,000 badges and manufactured over 10,000 new badges as one-offs or small quantity batches. These new badges are usually to replace missing emblems which are no longer manufactured but can also be to clients’ own designs. Unfortunately we do not restore or manufacture plastic, painted or white metal badges.”

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