Francis Barnett Restoration Progress

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our Francis Barnett trials bike restoration is progressing well, the paint and parts for restoration are all away being worked on.

The engine however has problems. The big end is shot and likewise the small end. Piston two is in a bad way, it has been fitted omitting the top ring (its a three ring piston) as the top ring groove has seen a ring break up at some point and the lower piston skirt is also damaged. The bore looks ok so we are thinking that the cylinder is a replacement. But here’s the problem, the pistons for this engine are very hard to find. So two is a connecting rod/big end kit.

Still going through the other parts of the engine which looks to have a few but less significant problems. 

In summary, the frame has been broken in to its 4 pieces, 5 if you include the swing arm, 2 rather large chassis dings have been filled with braze and taken back, number board mounts have been reinstated to the left subframe diagonal, brake pedal has been straightened up and the toe pad brazed back on (it was holding on by its finger nails). The brake pivot post straightened and re-drilled for the brake lever retaining bolt, someone had welded a washer in place to keep the lever on the pivot. New rear guard mounting brackets have been fitted and the left foot rest straightened up. The right hand foot rest doesn’t belong to this bike so we are trying to source the correct item currently. We have also reinstated a deflector bar that has been lost at some point.

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