Foam, Chrome And Trim: Maroon Stag Gets Fresh Interior

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The trim shop have been working hard to kit out our 1973 Triumph Stag with new interior trim. The client had ordered a pre made set which means out trim shop then need to fit and secure the trim and covers.

Brian has been working to glue down the flaps on the base of the cover of the seat and has glued the centre section to the foam. By pulling the sides of the fabric over and around the frame, he could then fit the rubber bumper stops on the back. Brian has also fitted the rubber straps and tilt mechanism to the squab frame and added the foam. He’s then fitted chrome to the headrest hole. He then continues to work around each section of the seat, fitting the pre made covers along with the foam and chrome.

Kath has been working on fitting the carpet to the stag which involves making sure each piece fits perfectly and is placed in the right way. Once happy, Kath can then glue down each piece.

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