Fitting the E-Type with sound deadener

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

FatMat Sound Control has been manufacturing Sound Dampening products for years now.

Sound Deadener plays a vital role and is one of the most crucial enhancements you can make to your vehicle! FatMat extreme will Stop Nasty Rattles, Vibrations, Road Noise.

Jaguar E-Type FatMat Fitting

Nothing even compares to the value and quality that you will get with FatMat Sound Dampening products. The key ingredients to any vehicle are the way they perform, the way they drive, the way they look and of course the way they sound.

Automobile manufactures for years now have left one of these elements out. And that’s Sound deadener! Although they usually do add some sort of sound dampening protection it does not and cannot meet the needs and demands of today’s industry.


FatMatStandard vehicles for most of us just is not an option, we want power, we want looks, we want it to rumble and we want it to sound good! The side effect of all these upgrades are that you will add a great deal of heat, inside and outside noise, vibration and rattles.

Fatmat & Rattle Trap products will eliminate all of these effects and make your ride sound and feel like a million quid!!


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