Fitting the new bumpers and over-riders

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Although the car has benefited hugely from being safely stored away all year round the chrome bumper and over-riders have started to show signs of wear.

Over the years we have collected lots of new and rare parts here at Bridge Classic Cars and it just so happens that on the shelf we had a brand new, original rear bumper. Unfortunately we did not have the over-riders.

Ordinarily, replacing the bumpers and over-riders with new would be very easy as we are very lucky in the UK to have plenty of MG parts suppliers. On this occasion we have been able to source a left handed rear over-rider but according to various contacts the tooling used to manufacture the right handed over-rider is faulty, so there is a shortage of this particular item which is a bit of a pain for us.

After a lot of calling around we have managed to secure a right handed over-rider with rubbers so we are now just awaiting the arrival and the new parts will all be fitted back up and the car will soon be complete.

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