First glimpse of our MGYT in Clipper Blue

One of the biggest and most exciting transformations to any car is a full ‘colour change’ body respray.

At the back end of 2016 we revealed our exciting plans to change our 1949 MGYT from it’s current colour of white back to it’s original colour of Clipper Blue.

Whoever had change this beautiful machine from blue to white had done an incredible job of it. Whilst stripping the car we couldn’t help but question it’s history as we were struggling to find any signs at all that this car was originally blue. A credit to the previous paint shop


…on November 11th 2016 ‘We Found Blue’

Now, after a full strip down of every single removable item and a few months in the paint shop we had our first glimpse today of the new Clipper Blue look.

With only 2 more panels to paint it will soon be time to refit back to the chassis.

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