Ferarri Daytona Update: Paint, Trim and Heater

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Heater removal

Scott has been taking out the heater in our Ferrari Daytona so that it can be re-wired and refurbished.


The trim restoration for our Daytona continues with Brian taking off any extra leather around the skirt of the seat, adding in eyelets for the headrest and pulling the leather over the side of the base onto the back. Lydia has been marking out and cutting new pieces of foam to glue onto the “inner” frame and glueing the foam in place and adding more foam padding to fill out the frame. Lydia has also pulled the cover over the frame and foam and glued the sides into place. She started with the calico strips that run around the edge, she then pulled it tight to get the shape of the seat. Once the seat frames were completed, she fitted the backboard and inner section into place.

Lydia also sanded down and re-covered the sills recently and then glued on new foam and leather.

Masked And Painted

The engine bay, bonnet, boot and wings have also been masked and painted, meaning that the exterior is now finished.

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