Down to It – Working on the Steering Coupler of the 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The next job to be done on the 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4 by Bridge Classic Cars is to replace the steering coupler. This will help to tighten up the loose steering for its owner.

This job is being done by our master tech, Dave. Dave has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience working on classic cars so a job as delicate and crucial as this was given to him. Carefully, Dave began by removing the shaft from the coupler in order to gain access to the bushes and balls inside the steering box. As opposed to some MkII’s that we have worked on in the past, this MkII remains as a steering-box car.

After removing the original parts from the car, Dave began to check the new replacements would work with the car and were correct. Then, it was a case of getting everything back together and into the car. Dave took his time to make sure that every component cleared the steering box and its boot so it remained happy for many years to come.

After the job was complete, Dave manually checked that the box rotated as it should and also meshed together with as little play as possible thanks to the new parts.

There will be more updates soon as work continues on this stunning MkII 2.4.

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