DB9 Aston Martin Seats Recovered

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Kath has been recovering the seats in Craig’s Aston Martin DB9 which were looking worn and in need of sprucing up. They have now been completed after a few weeks of hard work addressing the worn interior. When we took this project to a recent show, we presented the passenger seat (the only one finished at the time) next to the car, and it was lovingly nicknamed the ‘ejector seat’.

Kath begun by removing the cover slowly. Prior to this, the airbags had been disarmed by Aston Martin. She then unclipped the handle mechanism and removed the airbag. After removing the retainers from the inside of the metal frame, Kath could then remove the squab which was held in place with velcro. She then removed the switches and cable ties, and gently pulled the cover out from around the wire. Once all the components were taken out, Kath could mark up the leather for the new cover.

Kath then began to unpick the leather parts and puts the retainers to one side to use later. For each leather cover, Kath will unpick, draw around the parts and make new pieces based on those patterns. She adds in Velcro and the retainers as she begins to remake all the covers. Working through all the squabs, bases and backrests of both the passenger and driver’s seat, Kath also had to sew on new pockets and seatbelt covers. The process of each seat was the same however the process of doing both needed a keen eye for detail to ensure the sleek stiff leather fitted perfectly along with the switches and airbags.

During the renovation of the driver’s seat, Kath amended the exposed metal bar on the bolster base and repaired the holes in the foam bolster.