Daytona Seats Get A New Lease Of Life

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Kath has been working on the Daytona seats again. The face of one of the seats wasn’t sewn straight originally, so Kath found that all of the red strips were uneven, and the centre strip wasn’t centralised either. With this in mind, Kath roughly drew around the original to get a basic shape before then making a template. Kath had to work out the distance between the black strips to make sure all the holes in the strips are even all the way down each strip.

Once Kath had worked out the correct measurements, she cut out the template and laid it into the seat. She found that the sides needed more as the frame came out, so she amended it to run along the seat frame in a nicer fashion.

Once Kath was happy with it, she cut the template up to make individual parts, and worked out the seam allowance around the frame and punched holes.

The pattern was then ready with all the parts to be marked out now for the final trim. Lydia is up next to make the cover.

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