Daytona Dash, Trim And Suspension

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Lydia and Brian have been working on various panels for the Ferarri Daytona. Lydia has taken off the original leather and the screws from the sun visor panel to clean the fibreglass, ready to be recovered. She has also been taking the covers and foam off the A, B and C posts and sanding off the old glue. She then glued on s fresh 3mm of foam before wrapping the posts in new stretchy vinyl. Brian has removed the old cover from ‘c’ posts, sanded and filled any fibreglass to make it smooth before recovering in new vinyl. He has also removed the cover from the ‘a’ posts and cleaned the metal so it’s ready to be recovered. He did the same for the B panel too. Brian then removed the cover from the rear window top bar and cleaned up the fibreglass. He added new foam onto the top bar and glued new vinyl onto the rear of the panel. He repeats this process on the a, b and c panels too.

Kath has been recovering the head rests with new updated modifications to make the head rests a slimmer design on the clients request.

Kath has made the skirt and clipped the four sections together in position before sewing all the parts together. After sewing the mock together, Kath could refit the foam. She then unpicked the skirt ready to cut out new parts to then sew together. Once all sewn together, Kath could place the cover over the frame to see how it’s going to fit. With a few modifications, the cover fits perfectly and the skirt folds over the back of the cover. For the inner piece, Kath drew around the centre of the foam, marked out new leather, clipped together the pieces and finally sewed them all in. Once she ensured it fit perfectly, she could assemble all the pieces. She repeated the process on the second headrest.

Lydia has also been working to make the centre rear carpet section. The original carpet was red, which she needed to remove first before cleaning all the glue off the base. She drew around the original pieces of carpet to make out the new template which she then cut out new leather from. Once this was done, she sewed around the edges of each carpet to bind, then glued around the surround section. She then glued the fabric into place.

James has just started making up a brand new bespoke dashboard out of fibreglass for our Daytona. This will be a detailed and difficult process but worth it in the end.

Scott has been working to add new springs into the front suspension. He is also working on removing the front cross member mount bolt which has seized. This eventually will be holding in the front suspension.

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