Coming Soon – Team C Mini’s

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Continuing our relationship with Team C Racing, we are about to being the process of respraying 3 classic Mini’s for the local Mini specialists.

Firstly, the car finished in grey primer. This will be changed to brown with a white roof. A classic colour combination for a Mini.

Secondly, the black and red car. The entire car will be changed over to orange and a fibreglass bonnet fitted to the car.

Lastly, the white car. This will be having some bodywork carried out on the car before it is resprayed in a brand new white. This car is having a new front panel fitted and a rear quarter panel to make sure the body looks as good as the paintwork on top of it.

Anyone who knows of Team C will know they’re keen racers and true enthusiasts and experts when it comes to everything classic Mini. So, Bridge Classic Cars is happy to help and will be painting these 3 Mini’s over the next few weeks.

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