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Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Arriving on Thursday is the newest addition to the Bridge Classic Cars family, a 1991 TVR 450 Seac.

Perhaps dreams do come true, I (Gordon) was fortunate to own a TVR 450SEAC when they were only about 3 years old and I often still see my car in various press releases, sporting its own SEAC registration mark. It is now heavily modified as lots are and not the car I had an immediate love affair with.

Like all of us car junkies, I have always regretted the sale, as it was one of the most heavily imprinted motoring experiences of my life.

It had to be sold as it probably needed something I couldn’t afford, or perhaps it was just time.

I nearly bought one last year, or should I say an expensive swap for one of my cars but it wasn’t to be.

Imagine my surprise when one of our technicians Tommy, clad in his Bridge Classic Car shirt,  went to buy a new bulb for his bike from our local bike shop Moons.

“You wouldn’t be interested in an old TVR would you?” Said the owner.

“I can take some details and ask back at base”, replied Tommy

“It’s a friend of mines car, a TVR 450SEAC and its local.”

Brimmed with excitement Craig and myself went to see it on Saturday morning and after a TVR 450SEAC drive the car was bought.

She has also been modified and sports a 460SEAC badge for the reasons below.

She has a cross-bolted custom built 4.6 engine.

The cost of the engine was £4000, but it has made it much more user friendly car in traffic. She still has awesome power, (300 bhp, which is about the same as the standard 450 engine, but with a much broader torque curve).

4.6 Lighten and Balanced.
Pocketed Pistons.
Extra Oil Ways.
Modified Big Value Heads.
Hybred 200 cam.
Large Plenum Top.
Large Trumpet Base.
Full Polished and Ported.
Rocker covers – stove enamelled in pearl red, with the polished TVR logo.
Polished Plenum Chamber.
Polished Airflow Meter.
Polished Stainless Induction Pipe.
Radical ignition set (the plug leads inserted through polished stainless tubes).
Bought from Radical Ignitions – this is the 1st set for a fuel injected V8.
Stainless braiding throughout.
Hand Polished X Spoke OZ Wheels.
Clad in Monza red with full black leather that was replaced at a cost of over £2000 which includes a superb set of lumbar adjusting Recaro seats.

All polishing was done by one of the previous owners or at M&G Metal-finishers at Sowerby Bridge.

She has a full Stainless Steel Exhaust with a one-off silencer designed by Act Products and  was manufactured by JP Exhausts in Macclesfield.

The cost of silencer alone was £215 and the exhaust has since been modified further with a side exit pipe.

Although this exhaust was supposed to be fairly straight forward. It apparently turned out to be anything but, as it exited where the fuel pumps and fuel pipes were mounted. A large heat shield had to be made and this has given it much better ground clearance, as the original SEAC exhaust runs under the rear diff.

Fitted with Griffith stainless roof struts, a push button start and a roll cage with race harnesses.

The roll cage looks stunning and has certainly tightened the handling , and of course with the obvious safety benefits.

The car has won a lot of concours competitions but the real pleasure is driving a car that looks and sounds like nothing else!

Now for the added bonus:

This is the last of the limited 450 SEAC’s to be made and we have the literature to proof this.

The last three were special order and of course this is one of them.

It has a very comprehensive service history and as you see from the pictures it is in superb condition.

She drives superbly and the sound is glorious. Like nothing you have heard.

It is the easiest car to drive and you will never be able to remove the smile when you are behind the wheel.

This is a true collectors piece and will only keep going up and up in value because of its rarity, its condition and its pedigree.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”15744,15745,15746,15747,15748,15749,15750,15751,15752,15753,15754,15755,15756,15757,15758,15759,15760,15761,15762,15763,15764,15765,15766,15743″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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