Coming Back Together – Reinstalling the Interior of the 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

It’s been a pleasure having this 1968 Jaguar MkII 2.4 in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. Our in-house restoration technicians have been hard at work on the car getting through the list of jobs requested by its lucky owner.

Our technician Dave has been working on getting the reworked front seats safely and securely back into this classic saloon car. Since the car has also been in our workshop where our master trimmers have been working their craft on the inside of the big Jag. Dave has been carefully working around the incredible work that has been done by Brian and Kath our trimmer so as to not damage or mark any of their work.

With the front seats being so important, Dave has been making sure that all the hardware used to secure them to the car is in the best condition and all the threaded holes are clear and clean-cut to make sure they can be tightened down accurately. So, with that, Dave will get the front seats into the car and then the team at Bridge Classic Cars can work on getting the other jobs on the 1968 MkII 2.4 done.

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