1985 Jaguar Sovereign Double Six

Headed Home – 1980 Austin Mini Van & 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12 Headed to Their New Homes

Recently, our 1980 Supercharged Austin Mini Van and 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12 which were won by their new owners were loaded up by one of our transport specialists ahead of their journey north to their new homes from the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Suffolk.

The classic cars are both bound for Scotland where they will be united with their new owners. As part of every competition, the cars are delivered directly to the winner’s driveways for them to enjoy and adore.

We’re excited to see the adventures they go on!

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12

First of all, congratulations to David! He won the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12 during last night’s draw with ticket number 2631 but, along with the live draw the team gave all of our audience a look around some of the other cars stored in our new building.

The Jaguar Sovereign V12 was the main event of the evening but it was surrounded by either current or possible future competition cars and some amazing restoration/customer cars we keep on site. Hayley and Freddie went all through the classic Jaguar showing everyone watching along on the live stream the fine details and modern luxuries which came as standard when the Sovereign V12 was new.

Then, Hayley handed it over to Nick who went through a little bit about our new online classic sales platform MyClassics. An overview of how, why, what and where it exactly is and that it sits with the enthusiasts at heart, whether that be buying or selling a classic it was designed just for them.

A quick look around the fantastic and eclectic mix of classics stored in our new building from a customers 1932 Lagonda Tourer in for our incredible trim team to work on all the way to a modern Triumph Street Twin motorcycle.

But, everyone watching along wanted to know the answer to the ultimate question which hung in the air. Who did the 1985 Sovereign V12 belong to? We also wanted to find out. Heading over to the screen, the team began that process.

Using our pre-published entry lists (these are generated after ticket sales close or the competition sells out) the team verified that the tickets were within the range of between 1 and 3333. Then, it was over to the Google Random Number Generator to let lady luck take control. Hayley set the criteria and as the screen became awash with whirring numbers, the anticipation rose.

Finally, it landed on a number. 2631.

Consulting the entry list, that particular ticket number had been purchased by David Graham. The new owner of the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12. So, as we do with all our live draws we gave him a ring to give him the good news.

When David answered, he was thrilled. He had entered for the Sovereign after always wanting a classic to join in with his friends who restore and enjoy classics up in Scotland and now he has his Jaguar V12 to get involved in the fun!

You can rewatch the live draw on the video below:

Behind the Scenes – Shooting our 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12

This is the latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions car! This stunning 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12.

It all began on a beautifully sunny day out in the Suffolk countryside.

Hayley, Freddie and Nick all loaded up their gear and headed out to the filming location with the beautiful long-legged Jaguar after the car had been completely inspected and assessed by the Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration team. The only work needed was a small leak from the radiator of the classic Jaguar which was repaired and thoroughly rested.

The supple and wonderfully smooth ride helped the team glide down the rough roads of the former airbase we use for filming. As the classic Jaguar floated across the airbase, we all knew this was going to be an amazing experience for the team.

The V12 providing the soundtrack for the team and the weather giving us the best background in which to shoot this classic icon of luxury against. The team had an absolute blast driving the classic Sovereign in the early summer sun – and now, we cannot wait for you to experience the power, the prestige and the purpose of this classic Jaguar.

Click here to enter now for the Bridge Classic Cars 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12.

And check out the video below!

Fixing a Leak – Sorting Out the Radiator Leak on the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12

The workshop team have been working on getting to the bottom of the small radiator leak on the 1985 Jaguar Sovereign V12.

After pressurising the coolant system, the team inspected everywhere in the system for the leak. After looking through each hose and fitting, the team noticed a weep coming from the lower radiator tap. From this, the team ordered up a new replacement.

Once this had arrived, the team got to work refitting the new piece and topping up all fluids before repressuring the system and checking for any leaks. The new tap had done the trick and the system stayed full and under pressure while the team carried on with their inspection which that small leak was the only issue found on the car.

This Just In – 1985 Jaguar Sovereign Double Six

This beautiful 1985 Jaguar Sovereign Double Six has just arrived at the Suffolk restoration workshops at the Bridge Classic Cars HQ.

The car has been amazingly cared for by its previous owners but will be completely inspected and assessed by the in-house restoration teams to see if there is anything that this big classic Jaguar needs or wants for.