1969 Morris Minor Convertible

Preventing further corrosion on our Morris Minor

Areas of corrosion are being dealt with on the offside of our 1969 Morris Minor convertible. The area of interest has been cut out, the underseal has been removed and a brand new repair panel has been fabricated and welded back in to position.

Fixed – Repairs and Undersealing on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The 1969 Morris Minor Convertible has been back up on the ramps at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop to have a few key jobs sorted out.

The first was to cut out and repair a small rust hole in the underside of the car. Our technician Dave carefully made a patch panel to perfectly fit the car before full welding it in and grinding back.

Once that was complete then the team could begin spraying the underseal to keep the underside of the car in perfect order.

Fixed – Fixing the Exhaust on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The workshop team have been working on the underside of the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible recently.

The team have been cleaning up the exhaust flange thoroughly and then resealed the downpipe and allowing it to cure after being correctly secured and tightened down.

Also, the team have found some areas of corrosion on the underside of the car which will be repaired and fixed up by the team.

Gone Through – Working on the 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The 1969 Morris Minor Convertible, which arrived recently at Bridge Classic Cars, has been in the workshop for our team to take a look at.

To begin with, the team have replaced the fuel pump and filter on the classic Morris Minor to make sure that it was getting all the fuel it needed after the team had noted the original pump had corroded around the connectors. After that, the team adjusted the brakes on the car before it could go out on road test. At the same time, they found a nail in the tyre! Thankfully, the nail hadn’t pierced the tyre but had got stuck in one of the grooves.

After this, the car could be road tested.

This Just In – 1969 Morris Minor Convertible

The Bridge Classic Cars team have welcomed this wonderful 1969 Morris Minor Convertible to our Suffolk HQ for the team to have a look at.

The owner has reported a slight running issue as well as an exhaust problem which our workshop will be looking into and sorting out. Along with that, it will be inspected and looked at by our paint and body team for some bits and pieces.

Also while the car is with us, the teams will carry out a full inspection of the car to check everything over.