1958 Jensen 541R

Good As New

Our friends at Wyatt Polishing recently completed some restoration work and zinc plating for a number of seat runners and bonnet struts for the Jensens

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Boot Carpet And More

For the last few weeks, the interior of our 1958 Jensen 541R has been getting lots of attention from Lydia and Brian. Recently, Lydia turned

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More Jensen Parts

Classic car technician Paul has been making several different parts that will eventually be used on one of our Jensen restoration projects. These include parts

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Good As New

Our friends at Wyatt Polishing recently completed some restoration work and zinc plating for a number of seat runners and bonnet struts for the Jensens currently in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

When components like this look as good as they now do, you can tell that the fully restored cars they become a part of will be as beautiful as ever.

Saying Goodbye To Our 1958 Jensen 541R

The time recently arrived for us to say goodbye to our 1958 Jensen 541R.

This beautiful classic car came to us from Holland and spent a few months with us while our team of classic car technicians bought it back to life. It leaves us looking very different to how it looked when it first arrived at our workshop and we are very happy to see it move on to its next chapter.

More Carpet, Side Panels, And Some Cleaning

Classic car technician Brian has continued his work on the interior floor of our 1958 Jensen 541R. After attaching the transmission tunnel cover, he then refitted the tunnel into the car before fitting the carpet.

He then went on to fit the side panels, and refit the rear seat, before giving the new carpet a good clean.

While Brian was working on the carpet, Lydia was re-covering one of the panels that had to be adapted following an adjustment made to the fibreglass frame underneath it. She covered this with carpet before binding the edges with vinyl.

Boot Carpet And More

For the last few weeks, the interior of our 1958 Jensen 541R has been getting lots of attention from Lydia and Brian. Recently, Lydia turned her attention to the boot of the car – specifically, the boot carpet.

After lots of measuring, cutting, making patterns, and double-checking everything, Lydia was able to get the boot carpet fitted and looking good.

Restoring a classic car isn’t just about getting it running and making the bodywork look good. At Bridge Classic Cars, every part of the car gets the same levels of attention, including areas that most people won’t see – like the boot.

While Lydia was busy working in the boot, Brian was busy completing more work on the interior of the car. He fitted carpet to the front and rear footwells, the bulkhead, and trial fitted the handbrake carpet.

Brian also fitted the sliding covers to the kick panels and cut the sound deadening for the transmission tunnel before glueing it to the tunnel and cutting out the required access holes.

It’s All Coming Together

Brian continues to work on the interior of our 1958 Jensen 541R. He finished cutting the centre section foam to fit around the centre pad before glueing the cover and calico backing down and fitting the brackets.

Brian then installed the rear seat into the car and it looks great!

The interior continues to look better and better with each task being completed. The rear seat looks comfortable and we’re sure any passengers who eventually sit on it will agree too.

More Jensen Parts

Classic car technician Paul has been making several different parts that will eventually be used on one of our Jensen restoration projects.

These include parts such as seat runners, bonnet supports, gutter trim, and door frames. All of these will go on to be further prepped before being installed in one of the cars.

Paul also tested Jensen heater box fans as well as cleaning them, painting them, and reassembling them.

Progress, Progress, Progress

Brian and Lydia continue to work on the interior of our 1958 Jensen 541R.

Lydia has been busy covering the remaining door card as well as covering the back of the rear squab with black vinyl to give it a neater and more appealing look. She also covered the metal frame that Clinton made, which is the frame that will go in the middle of the rear seats.

Lydia then cut out the carpets for the footwell of the car before moving on to covering the metal for the air vent sliders.

The task Lydia is currently working on is spray painting the metal rails that the air vent sliders will go on.

Meanwhile, Brian has been making new rear cappings, and glueing foam to the cappings before covering them in vinyl.

He also cut the strip of wood that went on to be screwed to the body of the car so the cappings could be attached. Brian then installed the door panels as well as making the patterns for the footwell sound deadening and carpets.

Brian also fitted the door panels before fitting the carpet and sound deadening he made the patterns for earlier.

One extra job that Brian did was to add wood ends to the ceiling pad to make it fit perfectly.

A Brief History Of The Jensen 541

The Jensen 541 was a car produced by Jensen Motors. Each one of these cars has an individual story to tell, but the story of the Jensen 541, in general, is one that many car enthusiasts should be keen to hear.

If you want to know more about these truly iconic classic cars, then this brief history of the Jensen 541 can give you a good idea of how special (and rare) these cars really are.

October 1953 – The Launch Of The Jensen 541

At the Earls Court Motor Show of 1953, the Jensen 541 was shown to the public for the very first time. It would be another eight months before production properly started but, this was the date when the world was officially introduced to the 541.

Up until the 541, Jensen had mostly been using aluminium for the bodywork of their Interceptors (there were restrictions on the use of steel still in place as the world recovered from the second world war). When it came to making the boot lids of the Interceptors though, Jensen played around with a new material of the time – fibreglass.

When working on the idea for the 541, Jensen wanted to do something big, so they decided to make a lot more of the car from this new wonder material.

June 1954 – Production Begins

In June of 1954, production of the Jensen 541 began. At the time, you could buy your very own 541 for £2146.

October 1956 – Say Hello To The 541 Deluxe

A little over 2 years after production of the 541 began, the 541 Deluxe was introduced. As this was a more luxurious car that featured all disc brakes, the price of the car increased to £2626.

Only 53 Jensen 541 Deluxes were made in total.

October 1957 – Here Comes The Jensen 541R

A year later, the 541R was introduced. When first released, these were fitted with Austin Princess (DS7) twin-carb engines, and an overdrive gearbox. The price tag for a 541R, at the time, was £2866.

January 1958 – No More Original Jensen 541

At the beginning of 1958, the very last Jensen 541 was made.

October 1960 – From R To S

Two years later, the Jensen 541R was pulled from production too. At this point, less than 200 541Rs had been made. Jensen had now moved on to the Jensen 541S which had a larger interior, and automatic transmission as standard. Due to these upgrades, the 541S cost £3195.

January 1963 – The End Of The Road

At the beginning of 1963, production of the Jensen 541S ended. Less than 150 had been made before being replaced by the Jensen CV-8 which had been introduced the previous year (1962).

Bridge Classic Cars And The Jensen 541

Jensens have had a strong presence in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for a long time. Our team of classic car technicians have restored multiple 541s and some of our current projects include a few more too.

Considering only a few hundred of these classic cars were made, we love seeing them in the workshop. We love working on them, and we love getting them back on the road for everyone to enjoy.

Dash, Rear Seats, And Extra Bits

Our 1958 Jensen 541R has been seeing lots of progress recently. This has continued with Clinton making new air vent shutters and runners for the car.

In addition to Clinton’s hard work, Brian has been making the dash pad metal rail and covering this in foam and vinyl.

Brian has also made the metal brackets for the rear seat and painted these too. He didn’t stop there though as he went on to make the metal brackets for the headliner front pad, fitted brackets to the front squab, fitted the rear window top trim panels, fitted the side window top trim panels, installed the rear quarter panels, and fitted the rear squab.

As you can see from this long list of completed tasks, our 541R is coming along nicely and our classic car technicians will continue to work hard until it is fully restored and back on the road where it belongs.

Rear Quarter Panels Complete

Lydia has completed more interior work on our 1958 Jensen 541R by getting the door cards and rear quarter panels finished.

She used original Jensen pieces as patterns to make new leather and vinyl versions. Lydia sewed these together before they were glued and stapled to the frame.

More Interior Work – 1958 Jensen 541R

The interior of our 1958 Jensen 541R is beginning to make some good progress. In addition to the interior carpets and the interior leather that has already been installed, work has started on the kick panels, door panels, and rear quarter panels.

More Parts For Our Jensens

There are quite a few Jensens being restored in our workshop at the moment (7 at the last count including 541s, 541Rs, and an Interceptor MK3).

As there is a lot of work to get done on these classic cars, it’s usually very beneficial to bulk produce some of the smaller parts so they are always available if and when our classic car technicians need them.

Clinton has been busy handcrafting several components that will eventually go on to be part of several of our Jensens. As you can see from the photos below, he has been making bonnet hinges and rear seat location pins. Even small parts like this play a big role in classic car restoration.

Interior Work On Our 1958 Jensen 541R

More work continues to be completed on the interior of our 1958 Jensen 541R.

Lydia has been extremely busy fitting the rear squab seat cover onto its frame. Once she had done this, her attention turned to the rear base. After carefully measuring the material, Lydia cut out the pieces of leather and vinyl she needed before sewing them together.

After sewing everything together, she then went on to create the foam frame.

The cover was glued and stapled onto the newly made frame before Lydia could take a moment to take in her handy work.

It wasn’t long before Lydia was back to work though – binding carpet edges and sewing vinyl and carpet together (and piping them) for the door cards.

In addition to this, Brian has been working on the dash panel, glovebox, door panels, and kick pads which have also been made, ready to be installed into the car in the very near future.

The window trims have also been covered in vinyl as the interior work on the 541R makes some good progress. You can see this progress for yourself from the impressive haul of photos below.

Interior Carpets -1958 JENSEN 541R

With new paintwork and new seats, it was time for the internal floor of our 1958 Jensen 541R to get some attention.

Some fairly tricky areas needed new carpet so a variety of patterns and templates were needed to make sure everything fit perfectly in the car.

As work continues on this beautiful classic car, both the exterior and the interior have come a long way since the car first arrived at our workshop. With work continuing at a steady pace, the 1958 Jensen 541R is certainly making some good progress as it continues on its restoration journey.

1958 Jensen 541R – Leather Interior

The 1958 Jensen 541R has already come a long way since its arrival at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Suffolk. With recent work being completed on the front and rear seats, attention turned to the leather that would be covering the interior bodywork.

The material selected perfectly complements the dark blue interior that the finished 541R will have. This also pairs nicely with the metallic body and lobelia blue roof that the paint team gave the Jensen a few weeks ago.

Skilfully cutting out the templates to ensure the leather was ready to be installed before glueing them into position takes a bit of time and patience – something that our classic car technicians have in vast quantities.

The finished job has an impressive look and perfectly fits in with the work completed so far on this classic car.

Fabricating a bulk load of Jensen parts

In the workshops right now, we have 6x Jensen 541’s in various states of repair or restoration. We have 3x Jensen 541’s and 3x Jensen 541R’s.

Sometimes, when fabricating parts it is much more time and cost effective for Clinton to produce more than one item. In this instance, Clinton has been working on re-producing the rear demisters and vents as well as bonnet stops and clamps.

With so many successful Jensen restorations now complete, we have the tooling for a lot of the parts that are required on the Jensen. If you are looking for Jensen parts for your own car or need assistance with fabricating certain parts for your classic car feel free to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to assist.

Work starts on Jensen rear seats

Lydia has now started work on the rear squabs on our 1958 Jensen 541R. the same techniques used on the front seats will be used on the rear so any existing leatherwork will be used to make up new templates or new templates will be drawn up by hand to help make the rear seats.

Lydia is now sewing up the leatherwork to make the shape required and the foams are also be cut and fitted to the base boards.

Jensen 541R headlining fitted

The roof bars have now been removed to make way for the new foam to be glued and fitted. The bars, covered in the correct material are then screwed back into position. The headlining is then positioned and carefully glued around the edges before being tightened and secured. Finally, access is gained in the new material for the interior light wiring.

Fitting vinyl to interior section

The vinyl interior section are now being templated, cut out, glued and shaped into position on our 1958 Jensen 541R.

The dash, A posts and parcel shelf are now all in position.

Jensen 541R – fibreglass door card backing

We very much encourage new technologies and forward thinking here at Bridge Classic Cars. Research and development is a huge part of what we do here. Just because a classic car was built using a classic skillset and classic approach that’s not to say that when rebuilding our beautiful cars we must always adhere to the traditional methods.

There is always a time and a place for emerging the two worlds and why shouldn’t the modern and classic processes join forces.

Our 1958 Jensen 541R arrived to us with many many parts ready to be assembled. The owner had commissioned interior panelling to be produced using fibreglass to help further reduce the risk of moisture or water to get in to the hard to reach places. The panelling has been fitted underneath the original style of door cards so that they will be seen when the car is completed.

Re-making the front base cushion covers of our Jensen

Using a combination of existing material and brand new designs Lydia has managed to re-produce the templates for the front seat covers for our 1958 Jensen 541R.

With these templates a new seat of covers can be made and the base cushions can be fitted.

Together – 1958 Jensen 541R In Full Bodywork

The 1958 Jensen 541R has worked on getting all the panels onto the car to double-check fitment after paint.

The team have put the one-piece clamshell bonnet and both doors and boot lid onto the classic GT cars to begin adjusting and checking over everything to make sure there’s no interference and damage any of the paintwork.

It’s incredible to see the car together as a whole and see all of the various lines and curves which blend into one another on the body of the car.

Finishing Touches – Finishing The Seat Pockets and Rear Seat Bases on the 1958 Jensen 541R

The trim shop at the Bridge Classic Cars HQ have been working on more parts of the 1958 Jensen 541R.

The team have been working on finishing up the amazing fluted rear seat bases. Each line of the fluting has been carefully stitched by hand by Lydia closely following the original as a reference. The covers are now finished and stretched around the bases.

After that, Lydia could work on getting the handmade seat pockets attached onto the back of the front seats before trimming the hoop base and fitted it to the underside of the seat back.

Inside – Working on the Interior of the 1958 Jensen 541R

With the paint shop now finished with the 1958 Jensen 541R, the Bridge Classic Cars trim team can begin working on the interior of the car insitu.

To begin with, the trim shop have made new wooden bases for the front seats of the classic 541R which have been made specifically to fit each individual seat perfectly. Along with that, the team could make the new rear window trim rib, which was cut and refined by hand to ensure the best possible fit of the arch by the rear window of the classic GT car.

The trim shop then used the old door cards to begin templating for the new handmade pieces for the aesthetic rework of the 541R. Brian has carefully refined each door card to fit tightly into the door while also leaving enough room for the material which will wrap around the fibreglass panel.

Then finally he could make the kick panels. These were template and then transferred to ply wood.

Special Touch – Unique Finish on the Seats of the 1958 Jensen 541R

The 1958 Jensen 541R has been having more pieces of its interior made by the Bridge Classic Cars trim team but this time with some unique and personal touches.

The rear seat bases of the classic Jensen have been completely stripped back for the team to inspect and take measurements for the rarely seen fluting of the material which will be carried over onto the new pieces.

Lydia has carefully measured and tested to get the spacing and symmetry of the fluting just right before committing it to the final material. The whole seat base has been entirely made for scratch including the foams and underpinnings specifically to fit the car.

This is a wonderful little touch and something a bit different and unique for this very special car.

Back and Sides – Handmade Seat Parts for the 1958 Jensen 541R

The Bridge Classic Cars trim shop have been working on making more of the handmade parts for the interior of the 1958 Jensen 541R.

This time, Lydia has been working on trimming the backs and sides of the front seats. Each of these parts, including the foam pieces, have all been made and cut specifically for each of the seats to get the best fit for them both.

Lydia has carefully stretched and pulled the material to make sure there were as few creases and folds as possible. The bases will be finished with the cushion and bases that will help to pull the material of the bases taught.

Trimmed – Trimming the Glovebox of the 1958 Jensen 541R

The original glovebox on the 1958 Jensen 541R has been completely stripped back in order to be retrimmed by the Bridge Classic Cars team.

The original piece was carefully taken apart by the team to assess its condition. After inspecting, the team had to remake the wooden pieces for the glovebox before then retrimming it black vinyl ready to go back on the car when the time comes.