2008 Bentley Continental

Station 1-1-9 Cars & Croissants

Part of the Station 119 BrewHaha Beer Festival this weekend was the annual CarCrazedFool Cars & Croissants at Station 119.

Hosted by the CarCrazedFool, it was an opportunity for anyone and everyone to showcase their eclectic mix of Supercars, Sportscars, Retros and Hot-Rods…and enjoy a coffee and croissant too.

Bridge Classic Cars were invited along to spend the morning with the Station119 team and we saw lots of familiar faces including some of our customer’s with their cars too.

Source: Station 119 – It all started when…

“We started brewing in 2014 in a shed in the back garden, this was after falling in love with craft beer in the USA.

Taking inspiration from the history of our local USAF bases we named our brewery Station 119 also home to our friends at The Red Feather Club.

After two years of brewing in the shed we graduated to our current premises in Eye, Suffolk. 2018 saw the arrival of our new 20 HL brewhouse and fermenters.”

Photographs from our day out at Station 119

We caught up with our good friend Matt Woods Photography whilst there and he’s handier with a camera. Check out his photos:

Thanks to the CarCrazedFool and Station 119 for the invite and look forward to the next event.

Helmingham Hall Festival of Classic and Sports Cars 2019

A busy weekend this weekend at Bridge Classic Cars as the team spread themselves across three amazing local motoring events.

Gordon took our 2008 Bentley GT Continental over to Helmingham Hall Festival of Classic and Sports Cars.

Pete, Ady and Donna spent the weekend at Festival Of Wheels in Ipswich and Craig enjoyed a day of Touring Cars at Snetterton thanks to Team Hard Racing.

The Helmingham Festival of Classic and Sports Cars is a wonderful day out for car enthusiasts and the whole family.

Every year there is an amazing range of exhibiting vehicles displayed in front of the magnificent, moated Helmingham Hall, surrounded by the ancient deer park and the Grade 1 Listed Gardens. The 2018 event had an attendance of over 1000 exhibiting cars and over 7,000 people enjoyed displays in the main ring, trade & craft stalls, live music, the Grade I Listed Gardens & great local food & drink stalls.

Fantastically, attendees last year helped us raise £6000 for the charity EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice)

Repairing our Bentley Continental Interior

A leak from the roof has caused the rear seats in our Bentley Continental to stain. We’ll look at a cleaning option for removing the stain, failing that we will need to come up with a plan B for how to repair the leather.

Plan C being a re-trim which we are hoping not to be the case…

2008 Bentley Continental: painted

Our 2008 Bentley Continental back bumper is now complete.

The wheels have been fully refurbished and the back bumper has been painted.

Next up, the interior trim needs addressing.

But what a beautiful car…

Painting the Bentley rear end

Bizarre but true, our Bentley’s rear bumper had found a mate in a friendly pheasant who decided to peck away at the paintwork.

Not a huge issue to resolve so we have now put the car through our workshops to tidy up the rear and make it look perfect once again.

Transforming our Bentley Continental Wheels

Our 2008 Bentley Continental split rim wheels have now returned from Wheelcare complete.

Wheelcare is an Alloy wheel refurbishing specialist. We offer our refurbishment in and around Essex and Suffolk. If your wheels are damaged or corroded they can really effect the look of your car and of course, it’s value. You can end up paying a lot of money for factory fitted wheels when they may not even be as good as your original set.

• Custom Finishes
• Tyre Fitting Service
• Diamond cut alloy repairs • Increase the value of your car
• Cheaper than purchasing new alloy wheels
• Powder Coat and Wet-Spray Finishing

Bentley Continental Wheel Refurbishment

Our 2008 Bentley Continental is in our workshops for the split rim wheels to be refurbished. Whilst in, we will also look to carry out some remedial work to the rear seats and look over some paint defects.