2003 Mercedes SL55 V8

2003 Mercedes SL55 Delivery

This week we delivered our 2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG to Robin Yates.

Robin won the car in our live draw held on Thursday 17th September 2020 with ticket number 4995.

Congratulations Robin!

Watch back the live draw here.

Live Draw: 2003 Mercedes SL55

Congratulations to Robin Yates, winner of the 2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG with ticket number 4995 

🎉 Congratulations to Robin Yates, winner of the SL55 AMG with ticket number 4995 🎉Mercedes SL55 AMG LIVE draw.Want to see your dream classic car up next? Let us know which vehicles we should try and source.www.bridgeclassiccarscompetitions.co.uk

Posted by Bridge Classic Cars on Thursday, 17 September 2020

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2003 Mercedes SL55 V8 Wheels

A future competition car, this SL55 is simply gorgeous. However, the wheels where the only area letting the car down. Not anymore.

We’ve refurbished the wheels and refitted them to the car. They’re now looking as good as new.

2003 Mercedes SL55 V8 – Competition Preparation

New arrival to Bridge Classic Cars, introducing our 2003 Mercedes SL55 V8. One of our newest cars to be released as a competition, although 2003 is not considered classic status, the V8 SL55 is becoming a rare beast to find and most definitely a future classic.

Currently in our workshops to address some body work issues, the car will be released very soon and we think this will be a quick seller!

Filming Day at RAF Bentwaters

Normally, the quieter of our locations, today Mauro, Freddie and Craig spent the day at RAF Bentwaters at our Hangar Showroom.

Mauro was looking over the cars we have in our facility to ensure they are all up to standard; our weekly task is to ensure the cars are driven, checked over and brought up to temperature. Whilst there, he was also looking at the Ford Sierra Sapphire brakes as they seem to be loosely stuck and in need of a little attention needed freeing. The Mercedes 190SL, having just completed the full engine rebuild was being cleaned by Colin at Viper Auto Valet ready for our showroom. The Mercedes E350 was ready to be collected. We also await the arrival of our 1998 BMW M3 Evolution which has enjoyed a few weeks travelling the country but now returns to us to be stored away for a few months. Meanwhile Freddie and Craig we over the other side of the site with our Mercedes SL55 filming for some future projects.

Coming soon: 2003 Mercedes SL55 V8, Efini RX-7 Type R Bathurst

We are very excited to announce the imminent arrival of a somewhat rare modern classic. We intend on getting our 2003 Mercedes SL55 V8 AMG in the workshops in preparation for a future competition opportunity.

The Mercedes SL55 V8 is most certainly a future classic and should be wish us in the very near future.

And next up…a ridiculously special car! Introducing our 1995 Efini RX-7 Type R Bathurst. 1 of 500 produced for the Japanese market. Our RX-7 had 1 owner in Japan before coming over to the UK and has since had 1 owner in the UK before we got our hands on it. The car is absolutely stunning condition and has covered just 7,500 genuine miles. What a stunning car to own. We can’t wait to collect this one!