1979 Triumph Spitfire

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1959 MGA Twin Cam & 1979 Triumph Spitfire

Our 1959 MGA Twin Cam and 1979 Triumph Spitfires have found their very lucky new owners in last night’s live draw. Let’s go behind the scenes…

For this live draw, it was just the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team. At the closing time for tickets of 630pm, there were still 1100 tickets remaining on the MGA Twin Cam and around 400 on the Spitfire – which means incredible odds for those who had entered. But, none of us knew just who the new owners would be.

After the customary walk around of the cars in our new competition building, talking to our incredible audience on our live stream, it was time to find out who lady luck was smiling on last night. As always, we use a Random Number Generator in order to select the ticket numbers from the pre-published entry lists which are available to view before the draw.

First up was the stunning Inca Yellow 1979 Triumph Spitfire, one of the best sounding cars that we have ever had in with its upgraded stainless steel system, the sound matches its striking good looks. As the numbers were loaded into the random number generator, anticipation built. Then, with a wiring flash on the new big-screen monitor, the number appeared. 2170. This particular ticket was allocated to Neil James. The new, very lucky owner of the 1979 Inca Yellow Triumph Spitfire.

Without holding up proceedings, everyone wanted to know who was going to win the 1959 MGA Twin Cam. A car with possibly one of the best backstories we have ever had in. A true race car from its earliest days and then a classic sports car connection between a father, a son and a racing team. XLE40, the 1959 MGA Twin Cam has got an incredible history (which you can read about here). But, we were here to find out who its latest custodian was. Hayley input the numbers into the generator, and with a single click, the fate of the MGA Twin Cam had been decided. The screen showed 3476. The ticket number bought by Peter Leyland. The MGA Twin Cam’s new owner.

As a custom, we call the winners on the live stream. Unfortunately, Neil didn’t answer the phone. But Peter did. Hayley and the team had a chat with him, a true MG enthusiast at heart. He was overwhelmed with his new addition.

Soon, these two will be heading off to their new lives away from us with their wonderful new owners to adore.

Remember, you too could join the list of over 70+ people who have won with us. Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and enter now!

Behind The Scenes – Shooting the 1979 Triumph Spitfire

This is probably the best condition and best sounding Triumph Spitfire we have ever come across!

Our marketing manager, Freddie, absolutely fell in love with this car during the photoshoot and it’s easy to see how. Finished in a perfect shade of Inca Yellow, this 1979 Triumph Spitfire instantly stands out. The matching black wheels and interior just help to contrast the amazing condition of the paintwork on this car.

As Freddie drove it from our secure storage Hangar, he noticed the best part of the sports car. It’s upgraded sports exhaust. With the top down, even in the middle of winter, the noise was infectious. The Spitfire is a corner stone of the British sports car enthusiasm since its introduction in the early 1960s. The gearbox was precise and balanced, with the added benefit overdrive on the 3rd and 4th gears, making this car all the more useable.

And, it could be yours. Bridge Classic Cars Competitions wants you to have this very car. Head over to the Bridgew Classic Cars Competitions website to get your tickets!


This Just In – 1979 Triumph Spitfire

Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ have welcomed this absolutely gorgeous Mimosa Yellow 1979 Triumph Spitfire into our care.

This stunning 1970s convertible will go into our workshop for its full assessment by our in-house restoration teams and who knows, maybe you might see it at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions very soon…

Keep a lookout for more updates on the 1979 Triumph Spitfire.