1977 MG B GT

MGB Windscreen Arrives

Thanks, as always, to the guys at Moss Europe for their fantastic service. Our brand new MGB roadster windscreen has arrived along with a huge

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1977 MGB GT – Restoration back in for minor works

In July of this year we finished restoration works on this stunning one owner MGB GT. Since then the car has been thoroughly enjoyed by it’s owner. As such, it has come back to us at Bridge Classic Cars to fix some minor running issues.

There are minor issues with the door locks, dash lights and a slight gear lever rattle. All of which should be fairly straightforward for our classic car technicians to fix.

We love to see the cars we work on being driven and enjoyed by their owners. Its lovely to see this GT looking in such fabulous condition with a fresh lease of life.

1977 MGBGT: Restoration Complete

We were first introduced to our 1977 MG BGT at last year’s Bridge Classic Cars Classic and Sports Car Show. The current and ONLY owner purchased the car brand new in 1977 and due to unforeseen circumstances the car was tucked away in the 80’s not to be used there after.

…until now.

We heard of the story back in August 2018 and agreed to take on the sympathetic restoration/recommission of this wonderfully original car.

This was a very enjoyable restoration project with the majority of the build being the original parts cleaned and refurbished.

The engine was removed in order to refurbish and gave us the opportunity to tidy the engine bay. We carried out the relevant welding tasks and prepared the body for paint. Whilst all of these tasks were being carried out we refurbished the components we had removed from the car including the bright work, Rostyle wheels and cleaned the original interior.

The car was finished in the original factory specified Flamenco Red.

A little under 12 months have passed and we have successfully completed the build and are now able to reunite the car with its owner in time for a milestone family celebration.

A fantastic story and a beautiful end result.

The final photo shoot took place within the grounds of our Woodbridge workshops by world renowned automotive photographer Matt Woods.

Automotive photographer Matt Woods of Matt Woods Photography has built up a reputation for exceeding client expectations and excellent customer support.

He has been commissioned by leading brands and magazines around the world.

Matt has a passion for cars hence why he specialises in automotive photography. Saying that, Matt regularly takes other work for commercial and business customers.

Throughout Matt’s career he’s had over 250 and counting Magazine Front Cover shoots for a wide variety of publication.

Refurbishing our Rostyle Wheels

Not the easiest of wheels to restore our friends at Wheelcare Refisnishing had their work cut out when we presented two sets of original Rostyle wheel in need of restoration.

Our 1975 MG B Roadster and 1977 MG BGT will soon be sitting on fresh looking rims.

Source: Wiki

Rostyle wheels are a notable design of automobile wheels of American origin but made under licence by the British firm of Rubery Owen. The Rostyle wheel was especially popular during the 1960s and 1970s.

The wheels had a characteristic pressed steel form with raised ‘spokes’, and were painted aluminium-grey on the spokes and rim and black between the spokes to imitate the open space of true magnesium alloy wheels. They were designed for use without the need of hubcaps or wheel covers but usually had a centre cap carrying the emblem of the car manufacturer.

In the United States, the wheel style was manufactured in Lansing, Michigan, by the Motor Wheel Corporation[2] and found fame in the 1960s and 1970s on Muscle cars like the Pontiac GTO, Ford Torino, Shelby Mustang, Plymouth Barracuda and AMC Javelin. In an American context the wheel style was known as the “Magnum 500”. Hence, the first British cars with “Rostyle” wheels were referred to in early road tests as having “Magnum style” wheels.

The first appearance of Rostyle wheels on the Rover P5B met with descriptions of them by some testers as “raffish” and “gaudy” and ill-befitting a luxury saloon. At that time, some Rover road testers also referred to the wheels as “Ro-style”, suggesting that the name, if not the style, may have first been developed specifically for wheels fitted to Rovers. Although this surfaces as “fact” on forums it is not correct. The name “Rostyle” is a portmanteau word deriving from “R-ubery O-wen” (the manufacturer of the wheels) and “Style”: “ROstyle”: “Rostyle”.

The firms MG and Rover, amongst other British sporty cars in the 1960s often specified Rostyle wheels as original equipment instead of ones made of light alloy or wire spoked wheels. Chromium-plated Rostyle wheels were made for Jensen, Rover and, famously, the Ford Cortina 1600E, originally designed for Ford Chairman Len Crossland’s wife.

Rostyle wheels were the only wheel option on the Range Rover for many years following its introduction. These 16-inch Rostyles were used on the Range Rover until 1986 when they were replaced by alloy wheels. The Rostyles then became optional fitment to the short wheelbase Land Rover (the wheels were not strong enough for use on the long wheelbase models). The Land Rover maintained its optional Rostyle wheels until 1995, becoming the last vehicle to offer them from new.

As well as in Britain, similar wheels were made under license in Germany and Argentina.

Special masks must be made to paint the wheels of restored cars to resemble the originals.

Max Sinclair, the sales manager for Rubery Owen in the 1960 to 1980 period has stated that “We changed the face of motoring, and Mag wheels followed us as their reliability improved.”

1977 MGBGT Rebuild Progress

The freshly painted black arches have now been covered up by the refit of the front wings.

The rebuild is coming along very well on our 1977 MG BGT with the wiring and new ceiling cloth now securely in position.

Mauro and Tommy are working together to refit the bright work and finish off the interior. The screens are scheduled to be refitted early next week once a missing rubber has arrived.

1977 MGBGT Body Panels In Paint

First glimpse of the freshly painted MGBGT body panels. We are restoring our 1 owner MG to the original specifications, the interior remains untouched (albeit cleaned) and the finished exterior is Flamenco Red.

The car has been off the road since the 1980’s but very soon will be completed and before we know it, back out enjoying the Suffolk roads and a well deserved road trip or two!!

1977 MGBGT: Epoxy Primer

Chris is now masking up our 1977 MGBGT ready for the application of Epoxy primer. Epoxy Primer is used to seal and prepare surfaces prior to painting. It absorbs into the existing substrate, cures strong and seals effectively. By using an epoxy primer you improve the coverage on quality of your top coat. Epoxy primer adheres extremely well to epoxy based paints as well as polyurethane resin systems.

Sneak peak through the window as the Epoxy primer is being applied.

The car is now currently heating in our ovens (hence the lack of light) at a temperature of 60′. This will set the shell ready for Chris to work on the next stage of paint preparation.

Fitting up the MGBGT sound deadening

The rear compartment of our 1977 MGBGT has now been fitted out with brand new sound deadening.

The car is now ready and waiting for the paint guys to prepare the body for paint within the coming weeks.

MGB Windscreen Arrives

Thanks, as always, to the guys at Moss Europe for their fantastic service. Our brand new MGB roadster windscreen has arrived along with a huge assortment of parts for various projects we have running.

Restoring our MGBGT seats

The original 1977 MGBGT seats have survived 30 years of being in storage. Although very dirty and tired looking, the seats are in remarkably good condition so we decided to remain with the originality and look to restore them to their former glory

The results are amazing. Other than one small tear to the passengers back support the seats have been completely transformed. The runners and chrome still require a paint and polish but we are very happy with the results so far.

Refitting our MGBGT engine

With the engine out. Pete has stripped, cleaned up, polished all visible components. The clutch was replaced with new and we cleaned and polished the gearbox.

The gearbox has now been married back up to the engine and the engine and gearbox have now been fitted into the newly restored engine bay.

We will soon be handing the car over to the paint shop for preparation and paint.

We have also applied a layer of under seal to the car to give a bit of extra protection when out on the Suffolk roads.

1977 MGBGT braking system

Pete is currently in the process of rebuilding the braking system of our 1977 MGBGT. As you can see, the brakes have been stripped back, cleaned, refurbished and new brake shoes and cylinders have been fitted.

The suspension has also been stripped, cleaned and overhauled.

MGBGT Inner Sill Rebuilt

Tommy has now completed the rebuild of our 1977 MGBGT’s inner sill.

The offside quarter panel and inner sill have also been repaired.

More repairs to the body of our 1977 MG BGT

Tommy is setting his sights on the middle of next week having the repairs completed on our 1977 MGBGT body. Here are more images of the work he is currently carrying out


MGBGT – A brand new fuel tank required

Our original MGBGT fuel tank has unfortunately suffered from the years of neglect. The tank is full of rust and for the cost of a new product is not worth trying to save.

A brand new fuel tank has arrived from our colleagues at Moss Europe.


Cutting out more metalwork on our MGBGT

We are still in the process of cutting out the rot and corrosion from our 1977 MGBGT. We will then reshape and fit new metalwork into position before we start with the body preparation and paint next month.


Repairing the corrosion on our 1977 MGBGT.

Tommy is now working on our 1977 MGBGT body. Certain areas, particularly the sills are heavily corroded and will need both repairing and replacing.

The front valance and outer sills will be replaced with new parts supplied by our good friends at Moss Europe. The centre sill will be cut out, the affected areas are cleaned up and repaired with new metalwork being fitted and secured in place.

Moss are one of the world’s oldest and largest sports car parts and accessories specialists.

MGBGT Rostyle wheels refurbished

Wheelcare have carried out an incredible job on our original 1977 MGBGT Rostyle wheels. Reknowned for not being an easy wheel to refurbish they take time and patience but the results are amazing.

Fitted with brand new Continental tyres.

Stripping and painting the MG alternator

Next job in our 1977 MGBGT restoration project is to test, strip down and paint the alternator.

Now complete, the alternator can be stored away ready for the refit process to begin.

Refitting the MGBGT engine…

Our 1977 MGBGT engine is now cleaned and painted and ready for refit.

The engine bay was originally black from the factory but over years has started to show signs of wear so with the engine out we have cleaned up and refinished the engine bay.

Refurbishing our original MGBGT exhaust

The original exhaust of our 1977 MGBGT is in exceptional condition underneath, just with a little surface rust to deal with.

The car has been owned from new by one person and was stored away in the 80s not to be used again…until now.

With very little use the car has remained in considerably good condition and as the original exhaust has not suffered from the lack of use we have cleaned back and stripped off the surface rust to reveal what’s underneath.

The exhaust has now been primed and coated in our high temperature paint.