1969 Austin Mini

1969 Mini Arrives At Winner’s Home

We’re delighted to announce that Matthew Evans has received his new 1969 Mini MKII 850 Super Deluxe safe and sound. Matthew won with his lucky ticket number 1532.

Matthew bought only one ticket with us which happened to be his first ever ticket he’d bought with us – and as fate would have it, it happened to be his winning ticket.

Live On Set: Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes On Our New Live Draw Production

Last night we hosted our live draw where we announced the winners of our Morris Minor and Triumph Stag, congratulations to Matthew and Gamal.

It was our first live show working alongside local production company, Bruzier.

As we look to continually improve on our live streams, we endeavour to create exciting and interactive content.

Soon we hope to open our doors so that many of you can join us in our productions.

Extra cameras, microphones, and the new large display all help make the experience from watching at home more exciting. But of course week 1 comes with its teething problems.

With the launch of three exciting minis, we hope you can join us for the next one.

Congratulations to Matthew Sudgen who won our 1949 Morris Minor MM Lowlight with ticket number 25 and to Gamal Zindani who won our 1971 Triumph Stag with ticket number 1047!

Behind The Scenes – Mini Madness

With all three minis individually shot, it only left the finale: Bridge Classic Cars does the Italian Job. Directed, shot and produced by our marketing and visual gurus, Ellie and Freddie. The team got together Craig, Hannah and Charlotte with their minis to film a quirky and enthusiastic video for our big reveal. Co-ordinating all three mini’s on the runway for each shot took a few attempts but after an hour or so, we managed to get together enough frames for our reveal video which aired last night on our live draw.

With each mini and driver taking turns in the spotlight, driving stunts were choreographed to allow for each mini and driver to be clearly seen whilst still keeping the quirky personality of the classics.

After the video was shot, we lined up the cars and their drivers for some photos before heading back to the hanger and settling down for an editing marathon.

Behind The Scenes – 1969 Mini Deluxe MKII

We headed out to Bentwaters to shoot our classic 1969 Mini Deluxe, which is one of three of our most recent mini madness competition release. This mini in particular comes bursting with stories and personality including its own Mini World magazine feature, untouched fuel ration tokens are beautifully aged interior.

Charlotte came to help out with the driving and sat for some portraits and more editorial photos. We love having people involved with the cars as we find it brings the car to life, and with Charlotte being our talented presenter, she’s perfect to also sit in for photos and videos. Prior to each shoot Freddie and Ellie organise with Charlotte what she’s going to wear for each car to match the style, and how we’re going to pitch the visuals.

The log pile made for a great location to shoot this darling classic, as the tones of the mini match the timber perfectly.

Freddie shooting his videos for the mini:

We also get Charlotte to drive our cars around Bentwaters for Freddie to shoot his video. We’re lucky to have access to Bentwaters for our shoots and videos. We have a hanger here on base and find that Bentwaters provides a perfect selection of back drops.

A beautiful Beige 1969 Austin Mini arrival

We burst open our doors to welcome in our latest addition, our beautiful Beige Austin Mini.

Restored right here in Suffolk by East Anglian Mini Centre some 7 years ago, the car is exquisite.

More images to follow but here she is arriving at Bridge Classic Cars HQ. Welcome to the family!