1966 Jaguar MkII

Nostalgia – Our 1966 Jaguar Mk2 in South Africa

The former owner of our 1966 Jaguar Mk2 3.8 has sent over some photos of its previous life in South Africa!

The photos show everything from the car taken back to a bare painted shell to being used as a wedding car and at the top of some of the amazing scenery that surrounded its hometown.

It’s always amazing to see the former lives of our cars!

Behind the Scenes – Live Draw of the 1966 Jaguar MkII & 1970 Morris Minor

Last night, the 31st March 2022, the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions team welcomed our largest ever studio audience to find out who the lucky winners of the 1966 Jaguar Mk2 and 1970 Morris Minor 100 were.

We had put out an open invitation to attend this live draw, as we have done in the past, and the response was amazing. Lots of classics braved the unpredictable weather to make the journey to the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ to watch the draw and some to find out if they were going home in the same classic they turned up in!

With everyone in, we could begin the live stream to the Bridge Classic Cars Facebook page where the rest of our guests had virtually joined us.

Hayley and Freddie took everyone on a tour around the competition building where we store mostly our competition but also a few personal projects as well as certain customer restorations. Working their way around, giving all those watching a few clues as to what is coming up next with Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Then, it was time for the main event. Finding out who had been assigned the winning numbers. As always, the entry lists to each competition are published at 630pm the day of the draw before the live stream at 7pm sharp. The number is decided at random using a Google Random Number Generator.

To begin, we always do a test run to make sure that the generator is working correctly. Everything was working just as it should, so now it was time to spin the wheel and see who the lucky pair were.

First up was the 1970 Morris Minor 1000. Hayley input the criteria of numbers for the generator to choose between and with a click of a button and a flurry of numbers rushing past on the big screen, the new owner of the Morris Minor had been chosen. 1250 – the ticket allocated to Neil Brinson.

Next was the turn of the 1966 Jaguar MkII. Again, the ticket number was to be selected from one of the tickets published on the entry list. This competition had entirely sold out several hours before the draw, so after resetting the Random Number Generator it was time to find out who had won this classic Jaguar. Hayley input the numbers to be selected from and just like that, we found the Jaguar’s new owner. Ticket 3500 which belonged to Anthony Roberts.

Featured – Bridge Classic Cars Competitions in the Daily Mail

Bridge Classic Cars Competitions was recently featured in the Motoring section of the national newspaper, The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail featured our beautiful 1966 Jaguar MkII and Ukraine Appeal 1989 TVR S2 to explain just what we do giving everyone the chance of owning their dream classic car for a few pounds.

Ready and Waiting – The 1966 Jaguar MkII is Good to Go

The 1966 Jaguar MkII 3.8 which recently had its registration come through since its arrival from South Africa, has been given a completely clean bill of health by our restoration technicians.

The workshop has checked over the entire car and road-tested the big MkII before its new future…

This is the latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions prize! Head over to the Competitions website for your chance to win this incredible 1966 Jaguar MkII 3.8.


Behind The Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1966 Jaguar MkII

The 1966 Jaguar MkII is easily one of the best looking cars in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. The car has been checked over by our restoration technicians with a clean bill of health so it was time to get it photographed because this MkII, is our latest Bridge Classic Cars Competitions classic up for grabs.

This 1966 Jaguar MkII has a purposeful look but also an elegance to it so the photoshoot that Freddie and Hayley created for the car definitely personifies this part of the car’s personality. This colour combination of White over Grey Leather really does sum up the phrase of ”Grace, Space and Pace” which was so closely connected to the MkII.

The winter sun gave off not only the perfect light for the car but the best angles to truly capture this stunning piece of automotive history. The car from any angle looks incredible but the photos shot near our secure storage facility, The Hangar, are the closest anyone has got to truly being able to show how beautiful this car is in real life.

And to go with those good looks, the 3.8-litre straight-six. The beating heart of the big MkII’s and the reason why in the 1960s, the bank robbers wanted them and the coppers had to have them. The MkII blends the lines between a large 4 door sports car and a wonderful long-legged GT car. At home at both the pub car park, the village green or outrunning the old bill after doing a ”big job”.

Today in 2022, the now 56-year-old Jaguar still has the ability to turn heads and command the road wherever it goes. And, it could all be yours very soon.

Road Legal – The 1966 Jaguar MkII is Now Registered

Some of you may remember the 1966 Jaguar 3.8 MkII which was part of a consignment of cars that we received from South Africa. Well, it has now gone through the process is fully registered in the UK!

The classic Jaguar now sports its very own black and silver pressed number plates. So, with all the paperwork complete and the iconic classic plates in hand, our workshop fitted them onto the big Jag and we couldn’t help but take some photos of this legendary car. The MkII was a firm favourite with racers, the gentry, the police and the bank robbers.

We’re very lucky to have another one of these beautiful 4 door Jaguar saloons in our building once again. But, keep an eye out for what’s happening next on this amazing car…