1964 Triumph TR4

Behind The Scenes – 1964 Triumph TR4 & 1976 Mercedes 350SL Live Draw

Last night, 27th January 2022, Bridge Classic Cars welcomed the first-ever live studio audience to one of our Bridge Classic Cars Competitions live draws.

This time, it was the 1964 Triumph TR4 and 1976 Mercedes 350SL which would be finding their way to their new lucky owners.

Close friends, clients and previous winners were all invited to the event which took place in the new home of Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, the as-yet-unnamed extension. Being January, the evenings are cold but thanks to Carmello Coffee we all managed to keep warm and fed while everyone looked around some of our cars in both the extension and the workshop.

Then, as the clock struck 7 pm, it was time to go live to all our followers. Hayley and Craig, with Freddie behind the camera, took everyone on a tour around our current lineup and a few sneak peeks at what is coming in the future with Bridge Classic Cars Competitions. Hayley then had a chat with our friend Simon Benton, owner of the all-electric Mini which will soon be appearing on the Discovery Channel, about the background on the car and its connection to Bridge Classic Cars.

Next was the bit everyone was waiting for. Finding out who was about to get a phone call that would make their dreams come true.

First, was the draw of the 1976 Mercedes 350SL. As Hayley put the numbers into the random number generator, you could feel the air filled with excitement. Then, as the numbers whirred round in a flash, they stopped on number 3461. That, belong to Zhuman Zamiri.

Then we decided to find out who the new owner of the stunning 1964 Triumph TR4 would be. As Hayley put the new set of numbers into the number generators, we wished everyone luck. Then, with one click of a button. The future of the TR4 was sealed. Stuart Brown was now the proud new owner of the beautiful ’60s sports car with ticket 3338.

Calm and Collected – Setting up the the 1964 Triumph TR4

Jonn, one of our in-house restoration technicians at Bridge Classic Cars, has been working his magic on this absolutely beautiful 1964 Triumph TR4.

The TR4 has been completely assessed by the team here at Bridge Classic Cars so the first order of business is to make sure all the cooling system is in good working order. The team here felt it best to replace the original radiator with a freshly reconditioned piece to ensure this 1960s sports car remains happy and healthy on the most spirited of drivers.

Once the cooling system was handled, Jonn turned his attention to the carburettors. The carbs needed stripping down again once Jonn had run the engine to check the radiator/cooling system. The jets and seals were replaced on the twin-carb set-up to make sure the revvy 4 cylinder was getting all the fuel it needed for testing and for setting up.

Whilst under the engine bay, Jonn also removed the valve cover to inspect and adjust the tappets for peace of mind that everything in the top end of the engine was fighting fit and strong. With some small, minor adjustments Jonn had the TR4 happily running up to temperature before its road test by the team. We’re happy to report that no faults were found during its road test which means this gorgeous 2 seater is ready and poised for its next step.

Until that time, it will be stored at our secure and private Classic Vehicle Storage Facility, The Hangar, until such time that the next phase begins.

Inspect and Rebuild – Work Begins on the 1964 Triumph TR4

Jonn, one of our in-house restoration technicians at Bridge Classic Cars, has been working on the recommission of the 1964 Triumph TR4.

The first port of call for the car was to rebuild and set the carburettors. Jonn worked meticulously through the units to ensure every passage and galley was clean and free of any sediment. Once back on the car, Jonn checked for any leaks and began to set up the carburettors for its eventual road test.

Along with the carbs, Jonn has been working on a couple of small issues throughout the car. Namely some wiring issues. Jonn worked his way through each system which had its problems to make sure each component functioned correctly before moving on to the next and testing. Underneath the car, Jonn also worked on the handbrake cable to ensure that when it is needed to be relied on it works correctly and efficiently every time.

This little red sports car is absolutely wonderful to see in our Pettistree workshop, so expect to see more updates on the car here on the Bridge Classic Cars blog.

This Just In – 1964 Triumph TR4

There are more arrivals this week at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Pettistree this week! We’ve welcomed this absolutely stunning 1964 Triumph TR4 which is for some work to be recommissioned.

The TR4 is finished in a stunning, bright, vibrant red with a complimenting and classic black leather interior. The weathered Moto-Lita steering wheel adds to the story and the history of this stunning sports car which our in-house restoration technicians are eager to begin work on.

There are a few wiring jobs that need to be carried out along with a small running issue which will begin as soon as possible.

There will be more updates on the 1964 Triumph TR4 very soon here on the Bridge Classic Cars news page.