1963 Rolls Royce Cloud 3 (III)

Gearbox issues on our Rolls Royce Cloud 3

Our stunning 1963 Rolls Royce Cloud 3 (III) requires some investigative work on the gearbox. For some unknown reason; at present, the car drives up to and remaining in 2nd gear for too long. Eventually, having dropped the pressure on the accelerator, 3rd gear will kick in and then the car will drive quite happily after that.

The gearbox unfortunately will have to come out for us to investigate further.

Update: The gearbox issue has now been fixed.

Firstly the gearbox and transmission had to be removed. Then the Transmission was stripped. It was at this stage that the exposed failed centre sleeve could be seen. This will have caused piston and front clutch damage so these components were replaced. While open, the transmission and gearbox was given a thorough clean before being rebuilt.

In total the vehicle has had new master kit with clutch plates, new front band, rear band, centre sleeve assembly, custom made bush set and valve/ springs.

Coming soon: 1963 Rolls Royce Cloud III (Cloud 3)

Arriving at Bridge Classic Cars this week we have our 1963 Rolls Royce Cloud 3. More information to follow very soon but the car will be available to buy very soon.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01473 742038 or email us.