1954 MG TF

Keeping Cool – Fixing the Water Pump Bearing and Hoses on the 1954 MG TF

As part of the mechanical work on the 1954 MG TF currently in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, our technician began to look into the cooling system on the classic sports car.

Jon found the bearing for the water pump was incredibly noisy and had far too much movement, along with that he found several hoses split and perishing. So, all of these would need to be changed and the cooling system thoroughly flushed through and cleaned.

Jon worked on getting all of the new hoses to just the right size and orientation to work in the engine bay of the TF after he had replaced the bearing with a brand new piece. After that, the whole car was run up to temperature and checked thoroughly before being taken on road test.

Under the Bonnet – Inspecting the Engine Bay of the 1954 MG TF

The 1954 MG TF is in the hands of our in-house restoration workshop here at Bridge Classic Cars.

As part of the inspection on the car, Jon (our technician) found that the rocker cover gasket had begun to weep due to a break in the gasket material allowing oil to be pushed out the gap in the gasket. Whilst under the bonnet of the classic sports car, Jon also noted that there was excessive play in the steering.

On further inspection, he found that the bushes in the steering joint weren’t in the best shape. So, after ordering replacements for the steering and the rocker cover, Jon set to work getting all the new pieces fitted under the bonnet of the car.

Overhaul – Rebuilding the Brakes on the 1954 MG TF

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop technicians have been working on this beautiful 1954 MG TF which arrived recently. The first port of call? The brakes.

Jon, one of our technicians, began by completely stripping apart all 4 drums on the car. Inspecting each and every component that came off the small British sports car. He found that the rear drums were in need of new wheel cylinders and shoes.

All the other components were in very good condition. So, after fitting the replacements and adjusting everything to spec it was time to move on to the next job for the 1954 MG TF. And whilst Jon was getting everything adjusted, our paint team refinished all the drums in a stunning satin black.

This Just In – 1954 MG TF

The latest arrival into the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ is this stunning 1954 MG TF.

The classic MG will soon go into the workshop for our in-house restoration teams to inspect, assess and report on the car. It will go through each of the teams individually for them to cast their expert eye over the car.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on the car very soon.