2014 Mercedes E350 Estate

Filming Day at RAF Bentwaters

Normally, the quieter of our locations, today Mauro, Freddie and Craig spent the day at RAF Bentwaters at our Hangar Showroom.

Mauro was looking over the cars we have in our facility to ensure they are all up to standard; our weekly task is to ensure the cars are driven, checked over and brought up to temperature. Whilst there, he was also looking at the Ford Sierra Sapphire brakes as they seem to be loosely stuck and in need of a little attention needed freeing. The Mercedes 190SL, having just completed the full engine rebuild was being cleaned by Colin at Viper Auto Valet ready for our showroom. The Mercedes E350 was ready to be collected. We also await the arrival of our 1998 BMW M3 Evolution which has enjoyed a few weeks travelling the country but now returns to us to be stored away for a few months. Meanwhile Freddie and Craig we over the other side of the site with our Mercedes SL55 filming for some future projects.

Mercedes E350 Smart Repairs

A slight mishap with one of our good friend’s cars resulted in the rear wing needing a smart repair. The dent was pulled out and the area was prepared for new colour matched paint.

A few areas on the rear bumper also need attention, the usual scuffs and scraps. As we have the car in the paint shop it seems only right to correct that area too.