2005 Mercedes Vito

Looking At The Bridge Classic Cars Van

Although the technicians who work in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop normally spend their days restoring classic cars, every now and again, one of our own vehicles needs some attention.

Recently Jonn spent some time investigating why our 2005 Mercedes Vito van was running poorly and had the glow plug light illuminated.

After visually inspecting the injectors and wiring, Jonn plugged in the diagnostic computer in and found 63 codes stored across all systems. These were cleared before he rechecked the van and carried out live data readings for various engine components and operations.

More work is needed to get our van fully operational again but, luckily, we have other vehicles we can use in the meantime.

Getting Sorted – Work on our 2005 Mercedes Benz Vito

Our 2005 Mercedes Benz Vito is the trusty workhorse of the Bridge Classic Cars fleet. It is used by our transport team across the country delivering cars or locally to pick up parts or move our classics from the workshop to Bentwaters or specialist etc.

The team thought it was time to address a couple of bits and pieces that needed sorting on the van so it was handed over to our workshop and then to our paint and body team.

The workshop team began by inspecting and overhauling the brakes on the Vito as they needed attention. Tom, one of our technicians, completely stripped back and replaced any components which needed to be replaced. During this time, the team could have a look at a few areas of corrosion on the lower parts of the quarter panels.

Once the fabrication team had cut out all the corrosion, the new panels could be carefully welded into before the paint and body team took over to refine the areas and work on some of the door latches ahead of the van going into paint to have those areas blended in.

With the paint and body team now working on the trusty Vito, the guys could start to prepare the areas which had been worked on as well as areas which had general wear and tear in order to refresh the whole van. A few deep scratches were flattened back and filled along with making sure the areas which had been welded were in perfect shape before going into the booth to be painted.