2005 Aston Martin DB9 Convertible

Finding the Leak – Inspecting the Radiator on a 2005 Aston Martin DB9 Convertible

The importance of a properly working radiator in any vehicle, not just a classic, cannot be understated. It keeps coolant temperatures in the green when they’re running right. But can also play havoc with a vehicle’s well being when they’re not.

This is much the story of the 2005 Aston Martin DB9 Convertible we had recently for service here at Bridge Classic Cars.

When this DB9 came into us for a customer-supplied rotor and pad change, the customer also mentioned a leak coming from the front of the vehicle as well as the air-conditioning system not working as you would expect.

Our in-house technician Paul began to look into the issue so we could then advise our customer of what to do. He found that the air-conditioning condenser had been pushed back into the radiator, at some point in the vehicles life.

The course of action? Removal of the giant radiator designed to cool that amazing 6 litre V12 along with the air conditioning condenser. For this, the air-con gas must be safely removed. Using the proper equipment and guidelines for the sake of our technicians’ health and safety.

After removal, both coolers can be inspected and a plan made to ensure that this future classic stays happy and healthy for years to come.

New Arrival: V12 Aston Martin DB9

In our workshops today is something rather new for us here at Bridge Classic Cars. We will be servicing the brakes and fitting customer-supplied pads and disks to the vehicle. Further to that, we will be investigating both a coolant leak and what is initially beliewved to be an air conditioning leak.