2002 Nissan Cabstar

Starting New – Fitting and Testing the New Starter Motor on the 2002 Nissan Cabstar

Our technicians at Bridge Classic Cars have refitted the new starter motor on the 2002 Nissan Cabstar which belongs to one of our neighbours here at our Suffolk HQ.

Jon, has gone back out to refit the newly arrived starter motor into the truck. Once he had the new part fitted under the cab of the work truck, he could then begin testing.

After checking everything was wired up and in the right position, Jon cranked the truck over and it fired into life.

Helping Out – Removing and Repairing the Starter Motor on the 2002 Nissan Cabstar

At Bridge Classic Cars, we always try and help out our neighbours. So, when one of their trucks had a starter motor fail we stepped in to help.

Jon found the stranded truck in their yard and got to work removing the starter motor from the truck. Thankfully, this being a cab-over truck, Jon could lift the bed out of the way for better access to the space he needed. Slowly but surely, he eased the starter motor out of the engine bay which will not be sent off to be rebuilt.

Once back, we can then go back out to the truck and get the starter motor back on the engine.