2002 Honda S2000

Repairing the S2000 underseal

We are now underneath the car to inspect the under seal for any signs of wear that need to be addressed.

Tackling this job sooner rather than later is hugely beneficial, to keep on top of the maintenance rather than letting it slip.

Replacing the S2000 timing chain tensioner

First job of the day is to replace the timing chain tensioner on our 2002 Honda S2000.

As well as this, we are looking at getting the car ready for the winter with a gearbox oil replacement, differential oil replacement, under seal check over, brake fluid change and a coolant change.

2002 Honda S2000: Winter Preparation

In our workshops today we have our 2002 Honda S2000. The main objective today is to replace the timing chain tensioner but as well as this we will be replacing the fluids and oils throughout the car and getting her prepared for the winter weather.