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1998 Glastron SE 175

Up For Sale – Our Glastron SE 175 For Sale with Clarke & Carter

The 1998 Glastron SE175 recently in with Bridge Classic Cars for work is now listed for sale with yacht and boat broker, Clarke & Carter.

The Glastron SE had several crucial bits of work done by our workshop to both its engine and also its trailer to make sure the boat was safe and worked perfectly. Once that was completed, the decision was taken to put it up for sale with the best people we knew to handle its sale, Clarke & Carter.

If you’re interested in the SE175 or seeing what other boats they currently have in stock, click the link below:

Click here to see the 1998 Glastron SE175 for sale with Clarke & Carter

Sailing Away – The Glastron Sea Ray is Up For Sale

Bridge Classic Cars have just delivered the Glastron Sea Ray to local specialists Clarke & Carter where it will be sold.

As many who read the blog know, we have done extensive work on this fantastic speedboat (and its trailer) to make sure it’s not only easily useable but also is currently at the very highest safety standards.

We wish whoever owns the boat next, many happy and safe miles out in the sun

On the Move – Working on the Glastron Sea Ray Trailer

Bridge Classic Cars have now completed all the necessary work to be done on the Glastron Sea Ray speedboat we have had in our workshop. The next step? Sorting out the trailer for the boat.

Our technician Jon has been carefully taking apart and inspecting all the necessary components on the trailer to make sure it is 100% safe while the boat is towed to and from the river. Upon looking into it, Jon noted that the wheel bearings and the brakes would need some attention.

Jon fitted up a new set of bearings to the axle after finally being able to track down a set for this specific model of the trailer along with a brake overhaul kit. Jon worked methodically through the trailer to make sure each job was completed to the very highest standard in terms of safety.

With these jobs now complete, the boat will soon be going off to be sold.

Wired Up – Sorting the Wiring on the Glastron Sea Ray

The Bridge Classic Cars technicians have been working on getting the electrical side of the Glastron Sea Ray up to scratch with a new battery cut off and some much-needed rewiring.

Jonn, one of our in-house restoration technicians has been going through the electrical systems on the speedboat to check them for operation and for safety. He noted that some replacements and repairs would be needed.

Firstly, Jon installed a new battery cut off switch into the boat so if needs be, all power to the entire boat can be switched off safely at the flick of a switch.

Ship Shape – Working on the Glastron Sea Ray

Our in-house technician Jon has been busy working on the list of jobs to complete on the Glastron Sea Ray speedboat which belongs to our director, Craig.

The next list of jobs to do is to work on getting the newly arrived carburettor in place and all of the throttle linkages hooked up to be able to control the speed part of the name speed boat. Jon methodically worked his way through each part of the linkage (which was very different to the previous unit) to make sure that everything fit up properly and also did not catch or snag on anything it shouldn’t do.

Also while he had the engine lid open, Jon made some new bracket plates for the hinge under the rear seat. He fabricated these using the old pieces for templates.

Not All Plain Sailing – Working on the Glastron Sea Ray

The Glastron Sea Ray is back in the Bridge Classic Cars for our technician Jonn to look into the ongoing issue with the carburettors on the engine.

A new unit had been put on order for the boat from Holley and once it had arrived here at the workshop it was time to get the boat from storage and have it fitted to the Volvo engine.

Jonn worked through the various linkages and plates to make sure that everything was safely in its place with no hang-ups or catching. The carburettor is a newer design than the previous unit so it was crucial to make sure the new carburettor plate sat perfectly on the manifold to ensure that when the boat is run up during testing that it behaves.

Next up, it was noted that an issue with the nearside wheel on the boat trailer. Jonn began to carefully take apart the drum and bearing to inspect all of the components to get to the bottom of the grabbing issue.

Expect to see more updates on the Glastron Sea Ray soon on the Bridge Classic Cars blog.

On Order – New Carburettors for the Glastron Sea Ray

It’s been a while since the last update on the Glastron Sea Ray Speedboat that belongs to our director Craig.

During testing, our team found the engine just wouldn’t run quite right. Our in-house engine builder Ady began to have a look through the carburettors and found that they need to either be rebuilt or replaced. After trying to source a rebuild kit for them to no avail, Ady has sourced a supplier in the US who can help us with replacements.

For that, they need us to send over a series of specific measurements to ensure that the right set is sent to us.

Expect to see more on this project soon!

New addition to the Hangar

This week we’ve welcomed a new toy to our Hangar, our Sea Ray Bow Rider 17ft long Mercruiser 130hp with a Volvo SX.

With the weather now starting to turn this will be up and ready for summer 2021!

Great fun…