1996 Rover Mini Cooper 35th Anniversary

1996 Rover Mini in the Paint Shop

We recently painted our lovely little 1996 Mini. The car has now been fitted up by our good friend Ted at Team C Racing and is back with us to have a few minor repairs and touching up in the paint shop. The work is now complete and the car safely back with Ted to continue the rebuild.

1996 Rover Mini Cooper 35th Anniversary

We’ve said goodbye to our 1996 Rover Mini Cooper. Having undergone a full body shell restoration, we’ve painted this car in this sumptuous Almond Green / White diamond colour combination.

On it’s journey with us this vehicle visited Andrew and Darren to remove any corroded metal and complete any necessary welding. Then new Heritage panels were fitted ready for paint preparation. Finally, the Mini was moved into our paint booth with Darren for complete a two tone Almond Green / White Diamond paint.

This vehicle is now with Team C Racing to complete the restoration of this fabulous vehicle.

Progress is being made on our 1996 Mini body shell

New Heritage panels have now been fitted. The majority of the floor has been replaced with new and certain areas that are unavailable have been cut out and repaired. The bulk head, chassis mounts and upper channel have also had repair works carried out. Our Mini body shell is now looking fantastic and almost ready to move into the body shop for paint preparation.

Work starts on our 1996 Mini body shell

Andrew has now started to cut out the corroded areas of our Mini body shell.

This is a joint project between Bridge Classic Cars and Team C Racing. The shell is with us at Bridge Classic Cars to be repaired, prepared and painted. At that point, it will then go back to Team C Racing for the restoration and rebuild to be completed.

Mini Body Shell Restoration

In our workshops for a full body shell restoration we have our 1996 Rover Mini Cooper 35th Anniversary.

Work will commence very soon with the majority of the work being carried out by our bodywork and welding expert Andy.