1994 Piaggio Ape TM P50

The Once Over – Inspecting our 1994 Piaggio Ape TM P50

Those who have been following the blog for a while may remember the 1994 Piaggio Ape we talked about back in July.

Well, it is now in our workshop being inspected ahead of its MOT. Our in-house restoration team at Bridge Classic Cars wanted to check over all the systems on the van/scooter to make sure there would be no problems.

During loading at our storage unit at RAF Bentwaters, Mauro (whose grandfather originally owned this amazing little car) found the throttle cable had snapped so as soon as he got back to the workshop, a new replacement was put on order. While waiting for the cable, Mauro began to strip down the brakes and bearings on the Ape to inspect all of the components and make sure everything was in tip-top condition.

The front drum apparently needs a new shoe but apart from that the little machine seems to be in very good condition.

We’re looking forward to having fun with this one!

Our Piaggio Ape TM P50 Arrives

Bridge Classic Cars technician Mauro, originally from Portugal told us that his grandfather owned a Piaggio Ape and had used it as his everyday car for many years. He recently decided that the car needed to be sold.

We don’t know for what reason but we thought it would be a great idea to own the little Ape, possibly to make into an advertising and promotional tool for the company or to sell on to somebody as they are used for many different applications…pizza, coffee shop etc. She has now arrived safely from Lisbon and we look forward to registering her in the next few weeks and to have some fun.