1994 Nissan Micra Dot

Friday Snapshot

As ever, it’s been a busy week here at Bridge Classics. We’ve had new cars arrive like the Mini Clubman, we’ve had a new winner

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Farewell Little Micra

We recently said goodbye to our little Micra that we’d all grown quite fond of. This 1994 Nissan Micra Dot, a future classic, went off to its new home earlier in the week.

As a versatile and nippy little car, its the perfect daily car whilst still being a possible future classic. We have known of our 1994 Nissan Micra Dot for many years as it belonged to Gordon (the Director’s) next door neighbour.

She has owned the car from new in 1994 and has covered just 19,000 miles in that time. Due to the fact that she very rarely used the car, she asked us whether we would consider selling it on her behalf.

Friday Snapshot

As ever, it’s been a busy week here at Bridge Classics. We’ve had new cars arrive like the Mini Clubman, we’ve had a new winner announced yesterday and lots of new developments with our current projects. Here’s what’s gone on throughout the week!

Peugeot 504

Our engine specialist Ady has been working on the 504’s engine by fitting the flywheel and couch before fitting it back into the Peugeot.

The Peugeot has also had a recent trim shop appointment, with new carpets being made and fitted by our expert, Brian.

1960 Black Jensen 514R

The Black Jensen has had new sills made and fitted to give the finishing touch to the bottom of its driver’s door.

1994 Nissan Micra Dot

The Nissan Micra has now been finished! The paintwork has been completed, bumps and scrapes were taken out and it’s pretty much ready to go again! This endearing little Micra would make the perfect first car for someone learning to drive!

1988 Nissan 300ZX

The Nissan 300ZX has come in recently and appears to have some rather severe rust issues on the lower door sills. Among other restorations, that rust and those holes will have to go! You can see the rest of the work here.

1963 Morris Minor 1000

One of our technicians, Scott has been working carefully on the Morris Minor’s dazzling red interior. The door cards, handles, and carpets have all been fitted.

1960 Lilac Jensen 541R

This Jensen actually belongs to Bridge’s director and founder, Gordon Ranson, and is now starting its restoration journey with us! There’s a lot to do but we can’t wait to see the final product!

One of our technicians Anthony has been working on the body, hand making a lot of the elements such as the boot floor.

Barn find Mercedes

Barn finds are like hidden treasures and we love them when they come in. Currently, we’ve got two prospective projects that need cleaning up and assessing before we know what needs to be done. We really hope we’ll be able to work on these two cars!

Over the Pond Austin Healey

This Austen Healey 100 BN1 is currently residing in America but could be ours soon! Keep an eye out on our website and social media pages for updates!

Craig’s new Gastron

When you work with classic cars all the time, sometimes you want to mix it up a bit. That’s exactly what our Director Craig has done! He’s recently acquired this 3 litre speed boat. Fingers crossed for nice weather soon then!

Red Jaguar E-Type

Another prospective project has been viewed recently and it’s a beautiful red e-type that needs some TLC!

New Sills On The Nissan

Our lovely little 1994 Nissan Micra Dot has been treated to new sills this week. Courtesy of our body shop expert Anthony.

They’d become a victim of rust damage. And although not a highly valuable ‘classic’ car, this type of repair is still very much worth carrying out to increase the lifespan of older cars.

Now our little Dot just needs a new paint job to blend in the new sills and she’ll be away!

Visiting Bridge Classic Cars this week…

Returning to the workshop in September for work to commence we have our 1996 Nissan Patrol in for a sympathetic respray.

We are doing things a little differently with this one with a slight colour alteration.

More information to follow in September.

A very rare little find, our 1994 Nissan Micra has covered just 19000 miles and has been in the hands of just one, yes one, lady owner since new. This would make a perfect first car or someone lucky enough to have the space, a great little future classic that could be tucked away and be one of those amazing stories of the future.

1962 MG A having engine running issues. The owner had heard about us and wanted to pay us a visit to see whether we could assist him in a possible engine rebuild.