1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

Two Tone Transformation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit has arrived in to us to have a traditional Rolls Royce two-tone respray transformation. The base colour will remain

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Loading up for tomorrow’s auction

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A bright and early start again this morning as we load up the 5 cars ready to head down to Kempton Park for tomorrow’s Jaguar Heritage, Classic and Sports Cars, hosted by Barons.

We’ve enlisted the help and expertise of Russell’s Transport once again to transport 4 of the 5 vehicles with the 1982 Triumph TR7 being left to us to take ourselves…this was a late entry and we hadn’t planned for it to go too!


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A nice, clean engine bay

With the air intakes removed, stripped and repainted they have now been fitted back up and the engine as had a full detail. A huge improvement for very little effort, that’s what we like!

Tidying up the engine bay

With the front springs and dampers removed and the bushes changed we concentrated our efforts on tidying the engine bay.

The tops of the springs have been stripped back to bare metal and the air intakes have been removed ready to be re-painted.

To remove the front road spring and damper

To remove the front road springs and dampers of our 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit.

This exercise is extremely dangerous and requires the correct tooling in order to proceed. Please ensure all of the necessary safety instructions are adhered to before attempting to carry out the work. The company that supplies you with the necessary tooling should also be able to supply you with a detailed instruction guide.

We have hired the special tooling to carry out this task from Rolls Royce specialists Flying Spares. Below are the instruction guides that accompany the tooling we hired. This is specific to the tooling we hired and may be different for other suppliers.

To fit damper ball joint

To remove front spring and damper

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit out for a drive

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the weather’s holding up, this afternoon Craig has taken our 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit for a nice drive around Ipswich.

Whilst en-route we stopped to take a few nice pictures of the new two-tone (Walnut and Regency Bronze) finish.

It certainly got some attention!

Quoting the guy at the Shell garage on Norwich Road “I get to see loads of cars here but this is my first classic Rolls Royce”

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Rolls Royce Silver Spirit back from paintshop

Our 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit has now arrived back in our Ipswich workshops from the paint shop.

What a huge transformation from the full Walnut exterior to our new two-tone Walnut and Regency Bronze finish.

Stripping our 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

Work is now underway on stripping our 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit.

The Rolls Royce Walnut and Rolls Royce Regency Bronze combination have been confirmed and the break lines have been agreed.

This is a very exciting little project as it will totally transform the look of this iconic classic. A relatively small change that will make this a real head turner.

Two Tone Transformation

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our 1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit has arrived in to us to have a traditional Rolls Royce two-tone respray transformation.

The base colour will remain Rolls Royce Walnut but we are looking to introduce a second colour of Rolls Royce Regency Bronze.

As this is not a full restoration it is very important to maintain as much of the original components as possible. This helps to keep the character of the car. The car is over 30 years old and as much as a new respray will naturally freshen up the look and feel of the car it is essential that we do not overdo it in places that will make the original parts look old and tired.

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