1981 MG B GT LE

Our 1981 MGB GT LE Delivered To Its New Owner

The lucky winner of our 1981 MGB GT LE, Martin Godwin, took delivery of his classic car earlier today.

Martin was randomly selected as the winner in our live draw held on 27th October 2022 with ticket number 1562.

Everyone at Bridge Classic Cars offers our congratulations to Martin and we wish him all the best on his future road trips in this beautiful car.

Behind The Scenes Of Shooting Our 1981 MGB GT LE

One of the classic cars you can win over at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions is our 1981 MGB GT LE.

To show you how cool this classic car really is, Molly and the team headed over to our Bentwaters location to take some photos of the car as well as to do some filming to show it in action.

The finished products look great and you can see them alongside all the information you need to enter the competition here.

Making these types of videos is always good fun and the below photos show just a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes.

Win Our 1981 MGB GT LE – Entry Is Now Open

Your chance to become the new owner of our 1981 MGB GT LE is here. Entry has just opened for this classic car and you can now get your tickets for the draw.

Our last MGB GT LE proved to be extremely popular so it’s probably best not to wait too long to get your tickets.

All the information you need is available at Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Decalling Our 1981 MG B GT LE

The finishing touches of any classic car restoration are always extremely exciting. It’s these details that can bring a car to life and back to all of its former glory.

Our 1981 MG B GT LE is now at a stage where the finishing touches are beginning to be added. One example of this is the great job that our friends at the Window Film Centre did with the decalling of the vehicle.

We recently picked up the car after the decalling had been completed and, as you can see from the photos below, the final product looks incredible!

New Glass And Trim – 1981 MG B GT LE

After being recently repainted, our 1981 MG B GT LE had new glass and trim installed.

This has not only made the car look neat and tidy, but also taken it one step closer to getting back on the road for everyone to see and enjoy!

Refinish – 1981 MG B GT LE Repainted After Bodywork

The Bridge Classic Cars paint and body team have finished with the complete repaint of the 1981 MG B GT LE.

Following its time with the fabrication team, the body was worked on and perfected by the body prep specialist before being taken into our in-house paint booth/oven. The team then laid down several coats of stunning brilliant silver to get the bodywork and paintwork looking absolutely perfect.

Delicate Work – Metal Repairs to the 1981 MG B GT LE

The fabrication shop at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on the 1981 MG B GT LE at our Suffolk HQ.

The team have been going through some of the corrosion that we have found on the bodywork of the car. Beginning with the rear decklid.

The team found an area of corrosion in the upper part of the decklid which seems to have been in the same area as a previous repair. Once the team cut the area out, they found it filled with an old newspaper which was duly removed and a new patch piece was welded in after the whole area was rust treated.

Whilst this was happening, Chris was working on the door of the car which had corroded along its bottom edge and a small part of the bottom fascia. Each of these sections were precisely cut out of the car and all of the areas cleaned down and treated before being patched and welded in clean, new steel.

Finally, Monty has worked on the headlight buckets of the MG B GT which had corroded on the bottom edge. For this, the area was cut out of the car in order for the team to repair the rust with handmade patch panel made specifically for the car.

This Just In – 1981 MG B GT LE

The Bridge Classic Cars workshop at our Suffolk HQ have just welcomed our latest guest. This 1981 MG B GT LE.

The classic 1970s sports car will be completely inspected and assessed by our restoration teams who will compile their condition report and carry out any necessary work.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates very soon on the 1981 MG B GT LE.