1977 Daimler Double Six

Repair work continues on the Daimler.

James has been continuing his repair work on the corroded areas of the 1977 Daimler Double Six. The right-hand side front inner wing has been more work than the left-hand side. Keep up the good work James!

More work than anticipated on the Daimler!

After thinking the 1977 Daimler Double Six would only be in and out rather quickly, James has unfortunately discovered layers of more corrosion than expected on the right-hand side, front inner wing and chassis rail/leg. The whole inside of the subframe is corroded. So James has been going through it all and working out which parts can be repaired and which parts need to be replaced altogether.

Sometimes this is the way with classic cars. You think you have the problem noted down and are prepared for it, but then you start uncovering more than expected. Thankfully we have a talented group of staff that are there to solve these issues!

Right-hand side work on the Daimler.

James has been continuing his repair work on the 1986 Daimler Double Six. He’s now finished the left-hand side, which you can read about the process of here. The same work will be carried out on the right-hand side now.

Work begins on the Daimler!

James has got the 1986 Daimler Double Six in the fabrication bay and has been starting the welding work on it!

He’s been concentrating on the inner wing and bonnet hinge housing area today. He found there were spot welds that had been previously been put in and weren’t holding anything in place, so he’s given that some attention and welding parts in properly. He’s also taken out the corroded areas so he can fabricate replacement sections.

New in, Daimler Double-Six!

Here we have a new arrival to the workshop, a 1977 Daimler Double-Six. It’s only in for a small amount of work, which is that both front inner wings need to be repaired and painted and there’s a sheered bolt that needs removing from its trailing arm. Stay tuned for the progress!