1974 MGB GT

Behind The Scenes – Live Draw of the TAG Heuer Carrera & 1974 MGB GT

The night of the 17th of February 2022 was time for another of the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions live draws! This was the time to find out who the new winner of the TAG Heuer Carrera Watch and 1974 MGB GT.

As with our last few live draws, we invited several members for the East Coast Retros car club down to watch the draw from our brand new showroom facility at our Suffolk HQ along with a very special friend of Bridge Classic Cars, Karina (AKA Bike Like a Mum). As Hayley and Craig made their way around the selection of cars inside the new building and showed our live audience both in the building on the live stream around each of them.

After that, it was a quick walk through our restoration workshop to show some of the new projects currently being worked on by the Bridge Classic Cars technicians. Included in that was a look at our new paint and body preparation area and the move of our trim shop from downstairs to upstairs at our Pettistree workshop.

Then, it was back into the new building. Hayley and Craig managed to grab a couple of minutes with Karina to talk about her experiences going through the process of getting her motorcycle license and her history and connection to motorbikes which all lead up to the reveal that we will be doing some very exciting projects with Karina in the near future.

It was now time to find out the new owners for the TAG Heuer Carrera and the 1974 MGB GT. The MGB had sold out ahead of the draw with only a few tickets remaining on the watch. With the entry lists published ahead of time before the draw for everyone to have access to, Hayley and Craig went over to the laptop where all the pages were on stand-by. First up was the TAG, as Hayley input the numbers 1 and 2999 for the number generator to choose from – then with one click, the number 1146 appeared on the screen. Consulting the entry list, that ticket belonged to Ron Miele. The new owner of the brand new TAG Heuer Carrera.

Now, we could find out just who was about to get a phone call to let them know they had won the 1974 MGB GT. With the number generator reset. Hayley put the criteria of between 1 and 2999 before wishing everyone good luck. As the numbers whirred past, they landed on 1480. That particular ticket had been bought by Ian Calder. So, we decided to give him a ring and let him know the news. He was thrilled! So, the classic sports car will very soon be loaded into our enclosed transporter and be making its way to Ian for him to enjoy and drive.

Behind the Scenes – Photoshoot with the 1975 MGB GT

Every car has a story. Some have been places, some of them have done incredible things but some, have just been adored by their owners. That’s the case with this 1974 MGB GT.

This car had been owned by its previous owner for the better part of 30 years. Through meticulous record-keeping on the car, you can see its story with them. So, with that in mind, Freddie decided to give this car a special kind of photoshoot.

The early morning light at the airbase where we is something else. It comes up low behind the ridgeline and breaks across the frosty ground. Only the sound of deer in the trees keeps you company in the early hours of the dawn light. That is where we find out MGB, parked on a fighter jet turning pad.

Freddie had got the car out from our secure storage facility, the hangar, as the first rays of light came above the horizon. You have to move quickly around here to get the light. So, Freddie made sure everything was warmed up and happy before pulling away from the hangar doors. MGB’s are some of the most practical and user-friendly classics around, but this one is definitely one of the easiest ones we have driven.

Once he had moved the car into its position and the light had just broken onto the curves of the car, the shoot began.

Setting an Example – The Incredible History File on the 1974 MGB GT

Bridge Classic Cars sometimes have the unique opportunity to look deep inside the stories of the cars that come into our Suffolk workshop.

This extensive and fastidious history file belongs to the 1974 MGB GT currently in our workshop. The file tells the story of the last 33 years of this amazing sports cars life.

It details annual mileages, expenditure, engineers inspections, MOT certificates, parts invoices, bills of sale, you name it.

Such diligent record keeping is a beautiful thing to see on a classic car. Carefully documenting previous bodywork and paint done to the car in the mid-1990s, down to assessments by some of the most reputable MGB specialists in the country to make sure the car was properly cared for.

It also features a timeline of every piece of work carried out from 1989 to 2021 in chronological order. It is truly amazing!

This Just In – 1974 MGB GT

Just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Pettistree, Suffolk is this beautiful 1974 MGB GT.

This particular car has been owned by the same gentleman for the last 25 years and every single day the car has been enjoyed by its loving owner. This wonderful classic sportscar will be going into our workshop where it will be assessed and inspected by our in-house restoration teams.

Keep an eye out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on this particular 1974 MGB GT.