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1973 Triumph Stag

Stag Hood Adjustment

We’ve been repairing our 1973 Triumph Stag soft top hood frame which was showing some signs of corrosion and needed some new pieces fabricated to

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The Stag Has Arrived

Our 1973 Claret (Maroon) Triumph Stag has made its way into our workshop after waiting patiently in our hanger at Bentwaters. This Stag is in

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Completion of the Stag!

The 1973 Triumph Stag has now come to its completion stage! It’s had quite the journey! You can read in full detail about all the work that was done to it here.

In March this year, the journey began with the interior restoration. The seats were all stripped apart and the frames were given a spruce up. In April, the hood frame was given a clean, inspection and repaired. Also in April, the kits arrived for the new interior and Kath and Brian began the process of fitting it all. In May more of the new interior was put in, including the door cards, carpet and tonneau cover. Also in May paintwork was done, oil leaks were inspected, carburettor work was carried out and the steering rack was overhauled. In June a new ball point was installed, we waited for wipers and a bumper to turn up and the heater and gearbox were given some attention!

So after all that work, it’s now good to go!

Triumph Stag Update

Our Triumph Stag has had a new rear bumper and exhaust and is in the process of having the boot trim attached. We’ve also been working on the heater and the gearbox which had a leaking seal.

Stag Awaits Parts

Our 1973 Triumph Stag is awaiting parts such as wipers and a bumper before it can be reassembled.

Triumph Stag On The Home Straight

Our 1973 Triumph Stag is looking worlds away from what it did when it came to us just a few months ago. We’ve sent off the steering rack which is being overhauled due to a leak and the rear brake shoes and brake flexihoses are being replaced. After this it will just need to be started and test driven to see how it runs.

Maroon Stag’s Oil Leak

We’ve identified a long standing oil leak under our 1973 Triumph Stag that is due to faulty and damaged parts. The exhaust pipes have been rubbing on the prop shaft and show signs of a previous poor weld repair. The pipes are showing obvious signs of damage and long standing oil drips due to the build up of oil residue on the metal. The oil cooler is also damaged and in desperate need of repair.

Maroon Stag Carburettors

Our 1973 Maroon Triumph Stag has been sat stationary for a while which often causes issues with the functioning of the mechanics. Paul has stripped the carburettors and cleaned them out, which revealed the debris in the second photo and freed up the float needles.

Triumph Stag Interior Finished

Brian has recently added the finishing touches to our Maroon 1973 Triumph Stag. This car has gone from looking rather sad at Bentwaters, with an empty interior and flat tyre, to now starting to resemble a usable car!

He has fitted the tonneau cover in place by bolting the brackets into the car and fitting a catch to lock the hood in place. Brian then checked that the rear bar of the frame fits well into the cover lock and then laid the hood cover over the frame and glued the rear flap to the rear bar.

The next step was to clip the front edge in place and glue it to the front bar, followed by gluing the side and roof flaps in place. Brian then fit metal channels and rubbers in place and then trimmed the front edge of the cover, and then rivetted the metal channel and rubber in place.

After this, the rear and front seats could also be fitted. The interior now looks perfect.

Maroon Stag Trimmings And Furnishings

Brian has fitted the door cards into our Maroon Triumph Stag which not only included the trim but also the lights and electrics. Brian had to glue vinyl onto the boards and add metal trims, kitting out the door cards with pockets and arm rests as well.

We’ve also replaced the window winding mechanism in the door which allows the windows to move.

Kath has sanded and cleaned down the hood roof bars, added foam and fitted a new leather cover to ensure that its looking smart. She has also replaced the furnishing on the ash tray as well.

Brian has fitted the new under dash shelf to passenger side. Kath has fitted the carpet in the boot which fits perfectly over the board Brian has made.

Brian has fitted the bracket to the new boot board and has cut the new boot board to fit right in the car. Once adjusted to fit perfectly, he could lay the carpet over it and finish the task. She’s also fitted a new cover and chrome onto the rear hood cover. Kath is then waiting for the hood webbing straps, metal channels and rubber seals to arrive and then she can start fitting the hood.

Brian has also been gluing the vinyl to the rear bar of the hood frame.

Brian has been glueing vinyl to the ‘B’ post trim panels. He then has to glue the vinyl to the plastic side trim panels for the roof and fit the ‘B’ post trim panels in place. Brian then fit the velcro onto the frame as well as the plastic trim & metal channel for the side rubbers. He then fit the rubber into the metal channels and finished by fitting the back plastic trim, metal channel and rubber in place.

Kath has also begun the webbing lining for the roof hood bars. She’s wrapped up the sides in Velcro for the hood to fasten to and attached the metal channel. She then adds a rubber seal, a front header rail and covers the front section in foam then black vinyl.

Stag Hood Adjustment

We’ve been repairing our 1973 Triumph Stag soft top hood frame which was showing some signs of corrosion and needed some new pieces fabricated to replace parts lost to rust.

Foam, Chrome And Trim: Maroon Stag Gets Fresh Interior

The trim shop have been working hard to kit out our 1973 Triumph Stag with new interior trim. The client had ordered a pre made set which means out trim shop then need to fit and secure the trim and covers.

Brian has been working to glue down the flaps on the base of the cover of the seat and has glued the centre section to the foam. By pulling the sides of the fabric over and around the frame, he could then fit the rubber bumper stops on the back. Brian has also fitted the rubber straps and tilt mechanism to the squab frame and added the foam. He’s then fitted chrome to the headrest hole. He then continues to work around each section of the seat, fitting the pre made covers along with the foam and chrome.

Kath has been working on fitting the carpet to the stag which involves making sure each piece fits perfectly and is placed in the right way. Once happy, Kath can then glue down each piece.

Claret Triumph Stag Trim Arrival

The interior trim packs have arrived for our Claret Red Triumph Stag meaning that our trim shop can begin to fit them. Often we create the trim ourselves and refurbish the original trim however on occasions clients prefer to order in a pack of trim parts which we can then fit together.

Antlers Ready For Sand Blasting

Our 1973 Triumph Stag has had its hood frame removed ready to be sand blasted which will allow our technicians to see what we have left and what might need to be fabricated.

The silver chrome trim has also been taken off on the tonneau cover.

Kath has been working on the Stag as well. She has disassembled the centre hand brake section and the B-posts so that the metal is ready to be sand blasted.

1973 Triumph Stag Interior Renovation Begins

The trim shop having been tackling our red 1973 Triumph Stag interior restoration recently, which has begun by stripping all the seats down to their frames which will be sandblasted. Kath has removed all the hog rings, the back vinyl, the cover and base, the seat clips, as well as removing loose rust and glue from the frames.

The process is gritty and messy but will allow the trim shop to re-cover these seats so they look brand new.

Brian has removed the seat backboard to access the clips holding the cover flaps in place. These are then removed as part of stripping the seat frames. Once the front seat squab cover was removed, he could then remove the cover from the front seat base-frame which he did by undoing the clips holding the cover flaps in place, he also removed the rubber buffer and rubber diaphragm. Brian then moved onto removing the front rubber and metal chancel from the hood as well as the front side rubbers, metal channel and plastic trim. He then followed up by removing the rear side rubbers, metal channel and plastic trim, removing rubbers & channels from ‘b’ post section of the hood and then removing the rear section rubber and metal trim. Brian finished the hood by removing the velcro from the side of the frame and cleaned up the plastic trim.