1969 Ford Escort Twin Cam (Lotus)

On Tour – Previous Bridge Classic Cars Projects on the Road.

First up on tour is the amazing 1969 Ford Escort Twin Cam that was cruising around Ireland on holiday with its owner. We worked on this very car earlier this year and it’s amazing to see it being used and enjoyed. Safe travels!

Next on the road is the 1960 Jensen 541S ”Prototype” which was taking part in Petit Tour in Belgium. This Jensen was in with us in 2017 and 2019 for a full restoration but it’s amazing to see it out and being enjoyed by its owner.

New Parts for the Ford Escort!

John has been working on the Ford Escort recently. Here’s a list of the work carried out!

He’s modified and fitted the choke cable, the headlight relay was fitted, headlight surrounds were adjusted, the interior was put in, wiper blades were installed, a new double width kit was put in to adjust the wheel arch placement, there’s a new old stock steering wheel centre in the car, and the odometer clip was missing so a new clip was manufactured!

Electrical works on our Ford Escort Twin Cam

The two John’s have been working on our Ford Escort Twin Cam rewiring project. The front loom has been stripped and refitted to take an electrical fan. The middle loom was very good so having cleaned it up we felt it was best to leave it alone.

On running up we diagnosed an issue with the alternator so it went away to be repaired by the specialists at Nacton Auto Electrics Ltd.

The dash and switches have also been fitted up too.

Getting the Ford Escort Ready to Run!

Today, the interior wiring was completed on our 1969 Ford Escort Twin Cam. Along with completion of the interior fit out. All other wiring was then checked over for any issues; things like poor earths, bad connections etc.

Ford Escort Twin Cam Re-Wiring

John, from Baylham Automotive Solutions has been working on our 1969 Ford Escort Twin Cam which needs a full rewire to modernise the loom to be compatible with modern features. The majority of the loom is in good condition and John has found that 90% of it simply needs to be cleaned and restored however there are parts that need to be made up and modified such as a modified headlight relay and the dynamo converted to an alternator.

1969 Ford Escort Twin Cam In

This stunning 1969 Ford Escort Twin Cam is a Ford Escort with Lotus twin cam engine. With less than 900 made over a few years between 1968-71, these cars are not only valuable but also rare. The powerful engine from a Lotus Cortina paired the light Escort made for the perfect rally car.

This Escort is in for a full re-wire which will be handled by our workshop

Originally sold by Withers of Winsford, the rally company and came with a purple stripe.