1968 Morris Mini 850 MkII

Welcoming back an old friend – 1968 Morris Mini 850

We’ve welcomed an old friend back to the Bridge Classic Cars HQ, its our 1968 Morris Mini 850 which was previously won through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

The car has come back to us to have some work carried out on the classic Mini to get it back into tip-top condition for its owner who uses and enjoys the car regularly. So, our driver Tony headed out to go and pick up the car in our covered trailer and bring it back to our Pettistree workshops.

Winner Of Our 1968 Morris Mini 850

When Holly Farthing saw that she could win a 1968 Morris Mini 850 through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions, she felt that she had to enter, as her mum, Kate, has always loved Minis and even had one as her very first car!

Holly went on to be the lucky winner of this beautiful classic car and surprised her mum with it on the day it was delivered to her.

Holly won the Morris Mini in our September 15th draw with ticket number 2720.

We hope Holly enjoys her new car and we look forward to seeing you at some classic car shows very soon!

Final preparations before tonight’s draw

Ahead of tonight’s double draw night, Dave has been finishing off a couple of small tasks on our 1968 Mini 850.

We have replaced the oil seals around the gearbox to the driveshafts. We’ve also replaced the rocker cover gaskets. We also noticed that the exhaust bracket was touching the handbrake cable guide so we have flipped the exhaust bracket around the other way so this is now far enough away so that it is no longer touching.

See you tonight for the live draw of this and our 1991 Mercedes 300 SL. There are still a few tickets remaining on our Mercedes, grab your last minute tickets now! Good luck

Brakes locking on Mini 850

On testing Dave noticed that the brakes on our 1968 Mini 850 were locking. Upon closer inspection we can see that the offside was made up of a different compound so we have replaced all brake shoes to give an even consistency and compound.

Behind the Scenes – Shooting Our 1968 Morris Mini 850 MkII

After being fully inspected and checked over by the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop, the team were given the all-clear to get it ready to become our latest classic car competition.

It is of course of beautiful 1968 Morris Mini MkII, and it has one of the most amazing stories of any car we’ve had.

For those who don’t know – this car was delivered brand new to the island of Cyprus where its school teacher took delivery. A few years later, after the invasion of Cyprus, the little Mini was stowed away in a garage. Safe from prying eyes, looters or anyone out to get it. There it sat for 40 years… Alone in a garage. Until it was unearthed and rejuvenated before making its way back to the UK. And ultimately, wound up here at our Suffolk HQ.

The 850cc engine rumbled along the runway as we made our way to the filming location near our safe, secure storage facility. Its simplicity is its greatest charm and its classic shape has made it a favourite with enthusiasts for decades. The car finished in its original colour of Almond Green and tan interior happily zipped around the base.

And now, its time for you to take over the story of the 1968 Morris Mini 850 MkII. The next chapter of this classics Mini journey is with one of you…

Head over to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website and get your tickets now!

Or, check out the full gallery and our competition video:

This Just In – 1968 Morris Mini 850 MkII

Just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshops at our Suffolk HQ is this wonderful 1968 Morris Mini 850 MkII with an incredible story.

The car is coming in for our restoration teams to inspect and assess the entire car to compile their condition reports on the car – checking everything mechanical and aesthetic.

The story of this car is brilliant:

The car is one of 90 believed to still be on the road from the 206,000 Morris Mini MkII’s built.

Built on the 20th of June 1968, by the 26th of that month the car was on its way to C D Hay & Son in Cyprus for its new owner where the car would spend the next 41 years. In 1974, following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the car was locked away until being uncovered in 2015 where it was then handed over to a restoration specialist on the island to bring back to its former glory.

Due to it being hidden away not long after its build, the MkII still has its original, matching numbers 850cc engine and gearbox to this day – Leading us to believe the displayed 10,354 miles are genuine.

In 2017, the beautiful little MkII was brought back to the UK.